Mr.Christian Louboutin first time to get in touch with high heel shoes

Mr.Christian Louboutin first time to get in touch with high heel shoes
We all know Mr.Christian Louboutin is a famous shoes designer but seldom people know his experience with high heel shoes how he will design such beautiful shoes here are some tip for you and you will know the relation between Mr.Christian Louboutin and his christian louboutin shoes.
The experience that Mr.Christian Louboutin saw the christian louboutin shoes is in a nightclub have left a deep impression on him. He saw each corner of the street stood a prostitute and the shoes that they worn have left a very impressive impression on him, that is the first time Mr.Christian Louboutin have seen the high heel shoes. But this is the not the first time Mr.Christian Louboutin get in touch with the high heel shoes, the first time need to date back to his childhood. It is the Oceanic Art museum in Paris a boycott of the high-heeled shoes activity. As for Mr.Christian Louboutin that special experience is the origin of all of his splendid.
When Mr.Christian Louboutin walked pass the museum he saw a poster, a cone high-heeled shoes are two thick thread painting, to visit the exhibition “to” inside the female of carve patterns or designs on woodwork wood. Looking at the beautiful shoes, 13 years old Mr.Christian Louboutin is obsessed and like first time to find the christian louboutin Sandals shoes is so beautiful.

Christian Louboutin in honor of Marie-Antoinette

Christian Labutan (Christian Louboutin) dedicated a new collection of one of the most famous ladies and prozhigatelnits life in human history - Marie-Antoinette.

The collection of all 36 pairs of shoes, each of which is more like a work of art than footwear.


The 2010 Christian Louboutin sample sale is in its second day

The indictment, filed in Texas, wants to pay expenses Loboutin 2010 and Christian Louboutin shoes-Salomon is always intense. In a World Cup year, competition between Christian Louboutin shoes and protect Christian Louboutin Shoes official costs. In his view published in 2000, Thos GANA christian shoes, took 16 of the invention and be “a considerable collective investment,” he said, adding: “It is risky to close the gap with its larger rival, last month a $ sealing 3.8bn sale to acquire Reebok, the former U.S. No 2. With 28 percent of Christian Louboutin shoeslast month after the boardroom coup last month, is seeking millions of dollars in compensation for the shoes Louboutin designs that could tear the technology used Christian Louboutin Shoes, “the sketch of the” practical a3 cushioning, Christian Louboutins ignore. Eric Sprunk, leader of Christian Louboutin shoes Shoes universal vice, said the group sank a considerable investment on hold to a complaint from Christian Louboutin Shoes on German rival has stolen your draft for allegedly violating unproven William Perez to quit after only 13 months as their own, without investing the same. ”Shoes Christian Louboutin said the routine confirmation of the claim and was investigating the designation with their legal advisers. Christian Louboutin sale has been called as the guests based in Oregon, said.
NY Racked was on 38th Street at 8 am this morning to witness any carnage possible. So far no one criticized the song J. Lo, but it was not this:
An online buyer also says she misunderstood and went RSVP confirmation yesterday instead of the date confirmed today. She waited for three hours and when she was at the front of the line, the staff refused to let her in. So it has become today.
Unlike the best properties in the city, the house music, looks good and put the name, not necessarily anywhere.
A staff member is warning everyone that if you’re not on the list, should not both] er [waiting in line. A “before a friend” does not count. One girl shouted: “Is Alex upstairs?” His attempt to name-dropping was ignored.
Sisters, okay. They’re just shoes with red background, and no one in this sale is better than you for it. Sometimes it is important to remember that these are also Loubs.
In 2010 Christian Louboutin sample sale is in its second day. The first was for VIPs, also known as publishers, and today is for commoners, also known as freaks of shoes that are not affiliated with the media. It’s like a nightclub in New sexy: First they have provided during Fashion Week or something, and then let people pulgSin however, only very special people who are on the list, and in the case of the sale Loubes, getting there requires not only get wind of this fantastic event difficult to achieve, but also RSVP-ing for well in advance. Fans who have made began lining up at 38th Street today, where security is fierce, and nobody who is not on the list is in

Christian Louboutin sample sale has always flown far below the rada

At the end of last week, word spread on Twitter that the sale would take place on Wednesday and Thursday, but now the Madison Avenue Spy reports that according to official invitation, sale is a day-Wednesday-and press-only. Mysteriously, we have an independent source confirmed that the original plan for two days, making us wonder whether Christian Louboutin sent different information to different Louboutin sample sale people.Christian
Definitely do not want to take off on Thursday and the rush to a random space on the 14th floor in the Garment District only to find that there is nothing there, so for now, let’s wise suggestion that second MadSpy anyone who wants to be Loubs planning to visit the sale yesterday afternoon. If the sale this year is anything like the last, will begin to leave no press people after lunch. Plan to wait at least two hours, and do not expect any facilities is a sample of the sale of the old school. However, it expects tenders: Most of the goods last time was about $ 250, with high heels as low as $ 100.Enough with the logistics, what does this mean?
You might recall that back when the sale Manolo Blahnik began to receive listings of all the blogs, we were worried that the organizers could move the event or cancel it altogether. Instead, they embraced the publicity, even Andre Leon Tally invited to host the celebrity to the most recent sales. Of course, everyone hopes that the organizers of the sale Louboutin react the same way, but who knows? They may be happy to shed excess inventory, but can also be frustrated to see the encroaching mob which means that is an added benefit exclusive for connoisseurs of fashion. How do you feel of course, probably determines whether the public today mythical really exists, so the answer to these interesting questions in terms of How to Buy now and how to spend your Thursday.


Christian Louboutin: Armony Spats Ankle Boots

Christian Louboutin Pump Unfortunately for my shoe-collection, but not so much for my budget, I missed the opportunity to buy them. Which, honestly, it’s better that way. These pumps Spatt was one of those styles that I loved to watch, but I could never quite imagine how you could use in real life. Although, with the resurgence of leggings and skinny, maybe not so impractical after all. But this shows that even a shoe-dog like me, practicality occasionally win against my instinct, “Oh, look, a shiny!” Purchasing trends.
In a crooked little luck, the newest incarnation of footwear Spatt is so far from my reach to be no threat to my ongoing efforts to maintain a healthy budget. Ignore them, in my case, as a mere diversion Sunday … This is not to say that it will work out for someone who not only looks good in skinny jeans and pants mentioned (not me – at least not in my present body), but also less budgetary constraints as I am / will continue for the next year or so.

some tips for us to wear christian louboutin

Christian Louboutin is one of the creators of the world’s most popular shoes, Christian Louboutin, leave their mark with signature red soles, heels and accessories that allow Covet. Outstanding infamous shoes boots, platform pumps by Christian Louboutin Clutches and elegant luxury must have for all fashions. Some people are not very comfortable to wear high heels. Are some tips for you below.
If high heels are not your thing, or is the first time, you will find a lot of walking high heels, you should think and work your way back to the heel height you want. Start with the lower back of the heels worn days or night event, and practice walking in them first, and you can take higher unit sales. If high heels, which will finally be able to walk a thin heel, adapted at least first, the value added in the side of the equation of equilibrium. If possible, the number of obstacles in the first high heels you wear should be limited – for example, a pair of high heels can be more comfortable with rounded edges, as pointed shoes, and concentrate more on foot through the high heels if your toes are not. Try to avoid its first backless high heels or too thin. The choice of a pump or a sandal with ankle strap will add support for the ankles and will definitely help you try to walk in high heels. Near the dance in high heels can be very dangerous and should be avoided. I do not think that simply pull forward, shoes and head with bare feet on the dance floor. This may be as or more dangerous if you just walk on broken glass, or a lower heel directly on top of the foot. If you have a chance, high heels before dancing, go! When clubbing, select the heel of a shoe definitely lower than you can dance – or the club, and can not dance.


Because this is really a stunning Christian Louboutin in blue

While there isn’t a whole lot new about this Louis Vuitton, it does have a great black and blue motif to it. This is a special limited edition version of the IWC Big Pilot watch that will exclusively be available in IWC’s North American boutique stores. There are still very few details about the watch, such as the price or the amount in the limited edition. What I can say is that Replica Handbags is a nice job “re-imagining” the dial in a sober sky blue splendor. There is also matching blue stitching on the alligator pilot style strap. The case is in all steel, and 46.2mm wide. It is everything you know and love about the Big Pilot complete with turnip style crown.
The blue dial uses blue for most all the markers and hands. The designers did something that I like a lot, which is do the Arabic hour numerals in outlined blue mixed with the solid blue hour and minute markers. This is a difference between this style and the standard Big Pilot watch collection. The white Replica Watches on black date disc isn’t in blue, but frankly I don’t think it needs to be. IWC watches are often found in limited edition variants, but this one is a special breed being a regional limited edition – not necessarily for a specific event or cause.
Movement inside the watch is the famous IWC in-house made caliber 51111 automatic movement with a 7 day power reserve that is about 168 hours. The dial comes complete with the time, power reserve indicator and the date. It is one of the most recognizable Christian Louboutin in the luxury watch world, and probably the first watch people think of when it comes to solid quality luxury brand pilot watches. While I don’t know the specific price of the watch, I have a feeling it isn’t going to be very cheap, the standard model in steel is around $10,000. I hope they make at least 500 or so of them, because this is really a stunning Christian Louboutin in blue. Look for it soon, at IWC boutique stores located in North America.
I am not always a fan of Invicta watches, but with the number of pieces they release, there are bound to be some cool ones. Lately I have been fascinated with Tiffany Jewelry that have wood in them. Some watches are all wood, while others use the material for the dial, or other elements of the watch. Invicta has taken wood and used it in their ghd watch, for the “Pro Diver Wood” watch. You can see that wood is used as the center link in the bracelet, as well as for the dial.
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style on the nile; Shoe maestro Christian Louboutin built his very own Love Boat to cruise the Nile.

Byline: Hamish Bowles
Every French schoolchild should be familiar with the resonant words that Napoleon delivered at the triumphant height of his Egyptian campaign in 1798 to his troops gathered beneath the Sphinx: "From the top of this pyramid, 40 centuries look down upon you." Christian Louboutin was one child whose dreams they unleashed. And so, at the tender age of fifteen, this precocious youth (who was already dancing on tabletops at stylish Parisian nightclubs like Le Privilege) absconded from high school with a friend and found his way to Egypt, having been seduced both by tales of the pharaohs and by an Agatha Christie-ish vision of art deco shenanigans on the Nile. School authorities might have taken a dim view of Louboutin's protestations of sickbed invalidism when he finally showed up for class three weeks later with a glowing tan, but by then it was too late. Louboutin was hooked on the country and its epic history.
On that first trip, he remembers, "I really hated Cairo-it was too much of a chaotic twentieth-
century city for me. It's Oriental but also very Western." Luxor, however, with its Valleys of the Kings and Queens, the Colossi of Memnon, and other wonders of the ancient world, is "really Africa, deep Egypt with a real sense of everything I had been reading about in my schoolbooks." Up the Nile, there was a more leisurely and romantic vision of traveling and tourism that was closer to the eighteenth- or nineteenth-century ideal.
Louboutin's dream was later nourished by another Parisian friend, the distinguished archaeologist Francois Larche, the …
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Christian Louboutin opens new boutique in West Hollywood

A wrought iron gate bearing Louboutin's signature recalls the entrance gates at nearby Paramount Studios. A giant ceramic parrot greets shoppers at the entrance. Inside the boutique, designed by New York firm 212box, American diner-style bar stools ring the checkout area, which is decorated with tin ceiling panels salvaged from East Coast brownstones.
Ceramic wall tiles with symbols in different alphabets and characters spell out coded messages, perhaps directing shopping to the special second-floor VIP fitting area located behind a sliding mirror.
The trademark elements of Christian Louboutin boutiques worldwide are also in evidence -- the arched wall displays, red carpet and cage-like acrylic vitrines that enclose the high heels as if they were exotic birds, plus the vaguely Middle Eastern touches such as Syrian hand-blown glass ornaments and Lebanese chaises.
Of course, the interior serves only as a backdrop to the latest round of Christian Louboutin stilettos. And, perhaps inspired by the Hollywood location, the fall collection would suit a silver screen vamp, featuring silver patent bow-tied high heels or an ankle-boot version of a classic spectator heel (either is $995). There are also classic clutches ($795) or one called the Cadeau ($895) that features a golden bow detail.
Other fall collection highlights include the Fifre booties ($1,195); a thigh-high version, worn by Madonna, has already sold out. The Louboutin signature shoe -- the studded black Pigalle ($995) pump -- has a matching small-studded bag ($1,395) as well as a men's version of the shoe that is suitable for a companion ($1,245).
For those who can't fathom walking in heels for an extended period there are flats, including a glittery jazz pair ($595).
650 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood. (310) 247-9300. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Satur- day. Noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. www.dmchristianlouboutin.com
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The seasoning of your life

The daily life like a bottle of water, if you add a seasoning, it taste more delicious. And If you choose a pair of Christian louboutin shoes, it will more wonderful
Christian Louboutin is a European shoe artist who promoted his line of luxury women’s shoes in early 90s. He set up utilizing his trademark of shiny, red-lacquered soles into his designs in following year. Shoppers can buy christian louboutin shoes at shops from the globe, as well as from cheap Christian louboutin shoes.
You should never miss a pair of beautiful christian louboutin shoe sale if you don’t feel comfortable shoes with neutral color, like black, brown, beige and white.

The benefits of choosing Christian louboutin shoes

It is well known that Christian louboutin shoes is a luxury brand, most of women can not afford them, however they will save the money to buy one pair in her one life. So what is the magic of Christian louboutin shoes to attract so many women. Of cause is the benefits of them.

Christian Louboutin largely in terms of comfort, unique style and they offer good value for money. They have built a reputation for their exceptional quality and innovation-based, remain the search for fans of the buyer and the media are a professional shoes for a long time must be. After examination of the Christian Louboutin shoes sale they should adopt as their favorite brand, to enjoy the elegant design and comfort that the company has made famous. If you do not know whether you should vote for Christian Louboutin Sandals, the benefits and then decide whether you want a few of these shoes.Style Whether you try to find a professional shoe basic sandal with a stylish, comfortable shoes, Christian Louboutin footwear is sure to a style that suits your needs. Tennis shoes, and offer the Christian Louboutin Tyler looks great combined with a robust enough for sports and outdoor activities. The pull-on Christian Louboutin clogs offer professional protection and comfort in a number of different professional backgrounds. Regardless of the design of the shoe you buy, make sure that a beautiful piece of footwear to be noticed. Comfort comfortable shoes look good and provide plenty of comfort. Christian Louboutin shoes are offered an excellent pair of shoes for style and comfort.

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sexy style of Christian Louboutin sandals

Christian louboutin shoes offer great confidence to the women, in the hot summer, Christian louboutin sandals also give women and men a lot of surprise. No one can ignore Christian Louboutin presence in the fashion world.
Only known in terms of the signature and red Christian Louboutin sandals feature articles tournicoti 105. Peep canvas cover cream lizard measures about 105 mm / 4 inch stiletto heels toe sandals. Christian Louboutin sandals have crocodile strap and seat, a buckle, and single sign on both sides of the fixed red. Peep canvas cover cream lizard measures about 105 mm / 4 inch stiletto heels sandals toes. Christian Louboutin sandals have crocodile strap and seat, a buckle on one side, a signature red unique in Italy, fastening. Variour sizes. Additional shoebox, and dust bag.
Let’s just waiting for the luck that christian louboutin will show to us on the cheap Christian louboutin shoes. Through choosing Christian louboutin shoes cheap, you will not be out of fashion never.

Stylish Christian Louboutin Bootie In Louboutins Store- Mixiu222

So,don’t alternate any more,just appear to boutique for the Christian Louboutin Discount appropriate away. You will be afraid by the christian louboutin shoes.
The admirable ladies whose christian louboutin shoes bought from the Christian Louboutin Sale are too baby and legs are almost thick,can not buy able boots.But backbiting wears boots to see humans you love,boots,like the United States and the United States.The a lot of accepted bargain christian louboutin shoes is the multi-weight belt catch argent design,the arrangement of a awakening covering adult abounding of oil,has conducted an busy design,followed by addition attachment convenient!In adjustment for your legs to arise best accept sandals accepting two straps. Make abiding you accept absolute pedicure and clean-cut anxiety derma if you are traveling to accept the brace of such sandals on.
The Louboutin Shoes Online on the Louboutin Sale are actual adult and admirable so that the Louboutin Shoes are acutely admired by a lot of humans and the celebrities.You can go to the ChristianLouboutinZone.com and accept a look,if you are considerating to buy one brace of Christian louboutin shoes.There you can be adequate if you see the Christian louboutin shoes,for all of them are so admirable and stylish.
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The king of the red shoes

After kylie minogue MV, also appeared in the city "the story of desire, New York fashion institute of technology for him to do a solo, queen oprah's show special programmes to 800 million in the audience about his design. As a contemporary famous shoe design masters, Chris mention of benazir bhutto, is undoubtedly the highest rate of exposure, he often appear in the form of the Party. He used a high-profile, attitude, change the traditional shoe is walked on stylist advocate collect. However, lu of benazir bhutto in daily life is like a pair of feet fluorescent green kanway canvas shoes, hang a double shoulder pack. "In Paris, I still in the office, open the motorcycle."
The highest rate XieWang exposure

A good-looking girl should at least have seven pairs of shoes, like the seven deadly SINS: a pair of fun, a pair of to flirt, a pair of work, a pair of vacation, a pair of, a pair of never does for through and you don't like it. Have a pair of shoes doesn't like to remind yourself, can not perfect moments. (ChristianLouboutin)

They are possessed
Chris lift, miss bhutto was a well-known high-heeled shoes, who would have thought of it, he is a complex unexpectedly from childhood in a little episode. Once, he passed the OceanicArt museum in Paris, see a picture in front of the ICONS - a significant drop two thick line of conical high-heeled shoes, told the woman to visit the exhibition ", "inside floor of carve patterns or designs on woodwork. Wearing red high-heeled shoes at the beauty, 13 years old he was crazy, first discovered shoes originally can also so beautiful.

16, in colourful dance woman make first stimulating a pair of shoes

In the 1970s the economic recovery in Paris, a life of dissipation, musical scene, still in school, Chris mention bhutto often sneak to Paris was the most famous nightclub cabaret, see his theatrical performances and dancers of the growing enthusiasm of school, even in nightclubs every bubble, do some chores, side, seek the development of design, and make the breakthrough is his shoes. "Those colourful dance woman deeply influenced me," he said, "if you like high-heeled shoes, it is the perfection of high-heeled shoes, the key lies in how they decorate their legs, how they act freely. That is my ultimate idol."

At the age of 16, lu bhutto made for the first pair of shoes, "for the dancing girls, shoes are the most important, comfortable, still very beautiful, sexy, can let people at a glance. When I noticed the idea is simple, let these girls are put on my feet, more comfortable than their pair of shoes, beautiful."

Although selling, but those who don't believe his hostess, run, he realizes that he must go through professional training. In 1981, lu bhutto first, and then as an apprentice in the great CharlesJourdan brand there studying systematically shoe-making technology. Soon, he made in the industry, and to free the identity of the workers in the Chanel, YSL has done independently cobbler.

Even so, still didn't miss bhutto create brand, also didn't intend to design for lifelong career with shoes, until he met the first of the inventor of the stiletto shoes's "(Roger dimension RogerVivier). In 1988, Dior joined robust bhutto's senior shoes department, talented and robustness of benazir bhutto's brings great shock. By newly muscular Chris mention, of benazir bhutto in 1992 started his own brand, he made the high-heeled shoes of colorful and exotic, independent media called "&" the mainstream, big concern.

"The red shoes like to paint the shoes, let a person want to lipstick kiss."

"The red shoes" is the most important bhutto brand mark, but at the beginning, he didn't give the idea into the red shoes, but each time the shoes, he designed for Logo.

Once, he saw the female assistant to toe nail, bright red color suddenly stimulated his inspiration, will be in the red besmear is not the sole reception, exceptionally good effect. So far, the spirit of images from red becomes Chris mention, the symbol of benazir bhutto. In the interview, so he had described the impulse: "red shoes like shoes besmear lipstick, let a person doesn't want to kiss, plus the toe, sexy matchless." For he said, many customers of man also has the red shoes fatal attraction.

Tom said ford again how ugly women, wear high-heeled shoes will become sexy. What is a pair of red shoes toe. But the very mention of benazir bhutto, Chris. Since 1992, the shop of their own, lu bhutto will start only high-heeled shoes, insist on oath will pop art and intense colour.

Lu bhutto like using various gorgeous colour, in shoes inlaid with feathers, bright pearl, flowers, and other details toe design is deeply favored him with the spread of the sole sign with red, the sexiest woman high-heeled shoes, swaying, namby-pamby side. Someone said, in the world's top three XieWang, elegant, JimmyChoo Manolo shoes, shoe composed of ms bhutto's shoes.

Never consider how and dress collocation shoes
That is, the shocks of benazir bhutto claim to fashion design never find inspiration or stars. "In addition to fashion, nothing can give me inspiration," he said, "unless it is emphasized to fashion designer, otherwise I won't go to cooperate with tie-in problem considering clothes." In an interview bhutto also take a pair of robust yellow silk thick soles sandals, vamp decorated with a feather - when lu bhutto had a chicken farm has emerged, which gave him. "I want to, with a bushy eggs are pretty good."
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2010 Chris. Brooke bhutto Christian high-heeled shoes sheepskin rivets fish mouth high-heeled shoes for details

Brand: the Christian Louboutin] Chris mention, Louboutin bhutto (Christian). Material: Italian leather soles, craft first-class, reputation first. Characteristic: Europe's top brand, red shoes, star, with high 12 cm many women cannot resist the beautiful shoes when they once fell in love with a shoe, they will do everything possible to get them, such as using the next quarter for loading or delay time card from budget, however, they are not always lack of imagination shoe "shoes" of life. But for women, shoes, how much to buy shoes, then slowly converted by wearing purpose. Have such a shoe designer shoes, no matter how changes can be design goal, the woman rushed to buy the red shoes is invariable sign him - he is the famous French designer Louboutin Christian. He had the design for his client a lot of love, a customer once said to him: "I thank you very much! Because the red shoes, let I met my husband, he is now in your shoes, I love to me!" Christian Louboutin from urinate to design a keen interest in the shoes, Yves Saint Laurent Chanel, in Vivier Roger, Dior, many famous companies, the senior brand design experience that he was named by yourself in the brand is automatic. From his design can see, his idea of the perfect woman is mysterious and sexy, always red shoes and 12 cm high heels, like a fine young handle with the blood of the sword into men to say, in direct heart Christian Louboutin design is simple and the aggressive with emotions, even just tease them to see the woman figure, will also be attracted deeply, even if it means risking her feet of risk, the woman shot on it will be an apple. In Hollywood, almost all female star all must have several pairs of shoes for Christian Louboutin at various occasions, but the most is the high-heeled shoes, believe that stars also know a pair of Christian Louboutin for their charm. Value. Famous designer shoes in the creative aspects of the price also is amazing, "amazing" was a classic style, in general, the common 5,000 yuan to 4000 yuan, too! Description: Christian Louboutin transliteration: Chris. Brooke bhutto quality: product materials: head skin. Other materials with high: 13CM shoe size: 35-40 (regular shoe size) color: figure (to) packing: original shoebox. Accessories, complete all goods, such as the one without any quality problem will not return. Due to the shopping online is not limited, please try before buy MM people choose their shoes. If the MM to found after shoes, shoe size can be replaced the proper size (only once), change. And freight is borne by the buyer. We strive to do the best service, make each buyer MM to buy the things can be satisfied, and expect to give our buyers, wish you happy shopping). 2 and replace the goods time: please sign when commodity inspection, such as the naked eye can significantly damaged (including shoes ornamental diamond lack) need to express company to provide proof. Any problems please receive goods in the day with me, in consultation on the day after the replacement goods will be sent (provide package number), overdue will not enjoy any replacement service! The goods sent to ensure no trace, good appearance, sell, or we will again. Do rejected 3 and other such as received dislike, style, not beautiful, are not as subjective reason returned excuse, return goods please ensure the integrity, otherwise the original packaging and no refund. Please buyer MMS note. Four, we all items are real, in the process, can shoot the light, camera itself. Or other reason, took pictures with the actual items may be a slight discoloration of perfection, please, pay attention to the MM in color, to avoid unnecessary trouble. 5, note: burst. YouPi. Coat for fashion. Tire leather leather fabrics, such as a slight pine. Chromatism. Decoloring is a normal phenomenon, do not belong to return, thanks for cooperation does not belong to the quality problem is: brightness, chromatism refers to a pair of shoes, except black color for each pair of the impossible, as the color is completely natural cortex may not be completely because it evenly and consistent color completely, Scratches, special leather appears easily, as long as there is colorless nails scratches will have no the shoeshine processing, it belongs to the quality problem)


Christian Louboutin: Paris, Africa's charm 2

In the ninth district met high-heeled shoes
The Paris apartment itself is not "ordinary". It is located in known as "new Athens" Paris, Louboutin 9th district enjoys life here, even though he is not native to this area, but in very early in the streets and lanes going on here, because he often and a childhood friends go Ionesco Eva near the old clothes take his garment. No doubt, "new" is the artist's paradise in Athens, here is the most inclusive of Paris.
Louboutin around the apartment is strictly limited is a private road, called "works", Florida highway summer fashion design masters Jean Paul - Gaultier also live nearby. From here, only one arrow is a cheap nightclub. When Louboutin first came here, the four corners of the street with a prostitute, and they stood the shoes Louboutin deeply moved. They wear sandals, wearing a dress boots, and two two completely different style of dress shoes, fashion shoes, the very Louboutin in the mind also impress. Since then Louboutin decided to live in this area, because almost say, since the world "shoemaker the oldest profession, almost every one of jing had shoes in this area. To meet these beautiful luxuriant shoes, it would be a wonderful experience!
Although such deep impression, but that was not the first time Louboutin and shoes. Louboutin back to the first impression of shoes will return to his childhood. It is the Oceanic Art museum in Paris a boycott of the high-heeled shoes activity. As for Louboutin that special experience is now the origin of all his splendid. When Louboutin Oceanic Art museum walked in the door marked position saw poster, a cone high-heeled shoes are two thick thread painting, to visit the exhibition "to" inside the female of carve patterns or designs on woodwork wood. At those beautiful high-heeled shoes, 13-year-old Louboutin obsession, like the first find shoes originally can also so beautiful

Christian Louboutin: Paris, Africa's charm 1

Bright light brown, just as they ripened blue... Just this one room colour reflections, just enough to make a trance like to hear the noise or Senegal in Cairo, bazaar, and javan, to the folk songs. Carpet of grass, calico, idle in the Moroccan shredded tobacco for water pipes... The eyes and can be seen in the bit of space, and even Africa will host already became a kind of specific feelings of life. Into the shoe is walked on design masters Louboutin Christian in Paris apartment, no doubt you will understand that emerge in endlessly, weird ideas come from.

To take them home
Christian Louboutin was outspoken "travel back and enpty hands" is not their style. For all his weird, with rich ethical amorous feelings of handicraft have a special liking. Facing the baby, so he could, even if they're a big guy, he will carry transportation, sublimity, trying to take them home.
Because of the special hobby, he was in Paris apartment is so full of beautiful things in eyes, where he collects from all over the world come to all kinds of the baby. Louboutin collections in a vase, is a hike in Peru, after the sole survivor of the way he smashed the other two bottles and sigh. There is a lamp light from Beirut, a Moscow in the 1950s, and a poster of the Soviet union, India's Boolean coke, a women's portrait of Vienna, a Hungarian knight belt Mauritania, a clean carpet in New York to decorate with seven beads of Senegal chair is that man. The most remarkable is a woven wire, the history of the elephant is uncommon, the Christian is in Zambia Victoria falls by floating raft exhausted after playing for his bravery and reward and bought their gifts.


Sandals For The Summer Are A Must Have

Now that spring has once again come we can hit the stores and commence the search for the perfect pair of sandals that we will wish to wear virtually every day. As we are well mindful of there are literally dozens of contrasting kinds of sandals to select from. This makes deciding on just one more tough for us.
One of the better things to consider is what style would look great on your feet and will have the ability flaunt your beautiful pedicure. As we all should know it is horrible to wear any kind of sandal or open toed shoe if our toes are not painted or adorned in anyway.
Look around at the peculiar shoes and try to discover what would fit your life style the best. Should you pick out the heel or no heel? What material should it be produced with? Should you go with the thong kind or the strap that lies over the front of the foot? Should it have a back or not? There are scores of inquiries that need to be be answered – but only you can do that.
This is all determined on your individual fashion. Acquire a sandal that displays your style absolutely – but also maintain some other things in mind. It is profound that you choose a sandal that will match an assortment of clothes that you have. Unless you are purchasing more then one pair. Even so both of them should be able to work well with your outfits so make sure you can also pick out a good color.
Another thing to consider is how comfortable they are. It can be tough to find a sandal that is comfortable – but it is not impossible. Try each shoe on that you are thinking about buying and walk around the store for a minute or two and see how your feet feel. If you believe that they will work then you might have discovered the perfect pair.

In order to perfect the ball

Indeed, the Monica comes with some very public fears: of fat, of failure, of flashing. (At the uptown store, sales were slow until Season Dolan, a five-foot-two saleswoman, wore
the boots in black on a busy Saturday in fall,christian louboutin heels; they sold out within the week. Citywide, the first full-size run was gone by early November. By February, they were almost
entirely gone.) Which is why anyone maneuvering into a pair wants to be on the north-facing side of Christian Louboutin’s Madison Avenue store. "There are no mirrors over here,"
a saleswoman reassured a leg-splaying client one Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, a lovely but sturdy-enough woman in her twenties settled on the mirrored side and requested the
Monica, black, size 41?. The saleswoman, Pavleta Alexieva, came out with a pair in red su&egrave,louboutin;de. They’re folders, and efficient ones, at the uptown store. ("I just make it into a knee-high boot and step
in," Dolan said.) Alexieva unfolded the boots, doubled over to fit into the standard Louboutin box, and presented them to the customer, who’d managed to hike her jeans up above
her knees. She bent over to begin negotiating. The process came to a halt at the jean line. "I wish I’d worn a mini," she said, looking at the exposed joint where rippled blue denim and rippled red suède, like a couple of vacuum-cleaner tubes, almost met. The
saleswoman suggested that she come back in a dress.


'I hate my long toes so I'm having them shortened'

'I hate my long toes so I'm having them shortened'
'Some patients come through with short toes that they would like lengthened, or they want to have their 'toe cascades' [the curve at the end of the foot, from the big toe down to the little toe] improved, so that when they wear strappy sandals their toes don't look out of place,' says Nigel Mercer, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).
Indeed, with shoe fashions becoming ever more extreme - designer Christian Louboutin yesterday announced his plans to produce a pair of 8in tall stilettos, claimed to be the highest heels in mainstream fashion, while Victoria Beckham was seen wearing another eye-watering pair of heels; 5in Louboutin studded ankle-strap creations - operations to counteract their effects, or at least prepare the wearer for them, are gathering a following.
For Khadisha, her surgery was a combination of both. Having been a high-heel addict from the age of 17, her feet were suffering increasingly from blisters and corns.

Stepping up: Posh wore 5in designer heels while out for dinner with husband David Beckham last week
'I just love high heels, it's as simple as that. But at the end of every day my feet would be in agony and my toes on fire. I'll never forget the night I went out dancing with my friends in my strappy pink heels from the High Street shoe store, Faith. After a couple of hours, I couldn't walk and spent the rest of the night sitting watching my friends have fun.
'My GP told me I had to wear trainers or flat shoes, but I was never going to listen to that. Instead, I looked for other solutions.
'I spent £200 on plasters, pads and even got a cream sent over from the U.S. But my corns resisted. I even tried cutting one off with a razor blade but the pain was unbearable and I had to stop.'
It was then that Khadisha started thinking about the possibility of cosmetic surgery - and after visiting the Premier Foot & Ankle Centre, in London, decided to combine her corn surgery with shortening her toes.Read more

How to Bargain Hunt for Authentic Christian Louboutin, Gucci and Prada Shoes

Search Ebay. Many online websites claim to be selling authentic Christian Louboutin shoes but are actually selling counterfeit replicas. If you are not well versed in what to look for in a high end shoe, you'll easily be taken for a ride. Do not let claims of 100% authentic product or money back guarantees fool you into purchasing a brand with which you are not familiar. Instead search for reliable sellers on Ebay. You'll want to look for sellers that are known to sell a large volume of high end shoes from different designers. Be sure to check past buyers' feedback from previous transactions to be sure you are getting authentic shoes at a great price.Step2Shop Clearance Sales: High-end department store outlets centers are a major source of consolidating slow selling designer goods for major department stores. In addition, these consolidation centers also follow the same retail calendar as the rest of the industry and have a clearance period, normally in January and July. In recent years, retailers have been more apt to offer larger discounts more often which mean better deals for the customer. If you aren't already familiar with these sale periods at your favorite stores sign up for email alerts and wait for the big sales. Use coupons or sign up for frequent shopper programs for bigger savings. One Example: Off 5th Saks 5th Avenue Outlet Shoe Sale/Clearance. Off 5th also offers MORE which will usually yield at least an additional 5-10% savings off your purchase. Step3Shop Off-Season: Shopping off season is a great way to score high-end designer shoes. While many shoe lovers shop in season for the shoes they desire, bargain hunters in the know will shop off season to get the absolute best deals. This sometimes means purchasing sandals in fall or boots in summer. (Note: This tactic is not necessarily for the shoe lover that must have the latest design. If you love the work of a particular designer and would like to own as many shoes of theirs without breaking your budget, this tactic is for you).
Step 4Shop Sample Sales: If you are close to a metropolitan area such as NYC or LA, sample sales are also a great option to employ when bargain hunting for designer shoes. Sign up for email alerts or take note of an annual event and be sure to attend.
Step 5Sign up for Member Only Shopping Outlets: Online sample sale sites have begun to emerge online as a destination for designer goods. Some of the more widely known sites such as Gilt, TopSecret, and Hautelook host exclusive sales of high end shoe designers. They are reputable and have great return policies. Sign up to be invited and the rest is history!


Every season, Christian Louboutin comes out with a new collection

Every season, Christian Louboutin comes out with a new collection. This time round too there is a marked stamped authority this coming season.
The shoes that you are going to find on display are more chunky, strappy and with Platform high heels. The colors will be sophisticated color tones and a vast color palette to choose from for the most discerning of customers. These are going to be the kind of shoes that you can team with a tee, a wonderful handbag, your favorite pair of jeans or leggings and you are ready for the spin around town. They can be also worn with the most formal of business suits, a black dress, an evening gown and with matching accessories they will go on to add that right touch.
The shoes from the latest season allow you to place that stylish step in the right direction and continue to remain a key addition to your wardrobe. The moment you put on this pair they go on to become a wardrobe enhancer and put you several notches above on the ladder of success.
The wearing of the Christian Louboutin shoes enables one to anchor and team them with the very best of people and things available. They can be found in different color tones and can be matched just so very right with the entire outfit and the look that you want to portray.
The Christian Louboutin replicas that every woman is sporting are because of the way they make their legs look. It has this amazing leg lengthening look and quality about it. Women love legs that are long and look as though they are never ending. This is the kind of collection that will have an appeal to the basic instincts of one self. When you are considering getting yourself the most wonderful and eye catching of pairs then why not consider, Christian Louboutin Rodarte Gold Spiked Pumps.
If you like glitter and shine at your feet then this pair will certainly allow you to be able to have lots of it at your feet. The measurement of the heel is just right and allows you to be able to walk extremely comfortably in them. The shoes add on the right touch of glamour and have the molten gold like of feel to it. The embellishments on it make it all the more special.
The smooth metallic leather gives it the right amounts of flair and flamboyance that is needed in attire. The studs and spikes in detail are the main attraction and distinguishing factor in these shoes. The golden finish in the shoe makes it special and the kind that you would like to associate with special occasions. The red soles when teamed with the gold in the leather and the straps all over give this pair an addictive feel to them. The kind of pair that you would want to reach out for several times.

How should a Christian Louboutin baoyang

A few months ago, I bought my first two pairs of proper leather Christian Louboutin pumps online, one is high heels, the other one is mini-heels. They really cost me much money, and I love them very much. They are nice and comfortable. Since then, I have been struggling to find reading material about how to care for leather shoes. I read much before I wear Christian Louboutin leather shoes. I think I am a lucky gay. Many women are clueless about taking care of their shoes.
Women had to pay more attention to take care of shoes than men, because men have traditionally been taught to get sturdier, more durable shoes that require regular maintenance. We can image that a gentle man read a newspaper, and get his shoes shined on the way to work. It is nearly impossible to image a woman to do this. We should wear different shoes per day, take three or more pair of shoes, and take turns. It is a good thing that never wears the same pair two days in a row. We can run a "full cycle" of seasonally appropriate shoes before going back to wear a pair.
Cedar shoe-tree is good for keeping the leather nicely stretched and prevented unsightly creases. You can buy them from local stores, and they have a kind of special aroma.
It is very cold in the winter. Many people like to put their feet on the wall of oven, and it is intelligent to put Christian Louboutin high heels on the wall of oven.
The Christian Louboutin shoes cost us so much, and we had to take care of them. Christian Louboutin leather shoes can take care of our feet either.


09 barbie finally a stylist favour--Christian Louboutin

As the 50th anniversary of the offering for designers Louboutin Christian - this upcoming barbie dolls, there will be three appearances. Today announced the first Christian Louboutin, baby super mature. Face is very special.

Barbie unexpectedly systemic fur, even brothers are, the key is the shoes. A shocking to see

Embarrassed comrades, the post said yesterday, today is expected to have found "worth" doll is like this, a little depressed. Face appears more, do not see the suit from costume, and hands seems to be on the paint is the doll, almost cannot be used to wear other clothes, do not have fun. From the Angle of view and admire collection, shoes and weak than real shoes. This baby circulation really let a person feel mattel enough faith! But amazingly Louboutin Christian is still in this year barbie's godfather... Now see the doll, seem to feel barbie can find a better godfather ma... This stylist favour appear some awkward
The Christian Louboutin or gossip. The real shoes interesting

Christian Louboutin for the 50th anniversary of barbie barbie live-action version pink high-heeled shoes now has begun selling $600, as reservation. Remember the movie, said the woman inside there must be a pair of shoes, this beautiful pairs of shoes will take you around the world. I say, put on this beautiful pink after hyperbola shoes, always remember to let the heel, mutual knock you will go into the kingdom of the magical OZ.
Remember earlier this year in New York fashion week barbie appeared on foot, all fashion models of pink high-heeled shoes but all Christian from the Louboutin yo. And in the place of barbie appeared in a dream of the cabinet is Louboutin Christian by pink shoes design, even at a supermodel Heidi krum also fondle admiringly.

In July of barbie 50th anniversary convention, more show a pair of Christian by Louboutin signature pink high-heeled shoes.

Here BaiBai the famous French design masters Louboutin Christian. This guy is often cut from 12 to see the nightclub, (children don't pass him) he is learning in the weird fashion world, he said to himself, he must be a shoe design masters, in his view, the shoes is undoubtedly affect women appearance, one of the most important factors, because the shoes, which determines the leg form control body language. In the early 1990s, the great esteem Christian, generally with shoes become fashion, he designed a lot of ultra high heels 12cm above. He once expressed his design goal: "let a woman, beautiful, sexy, best can show their long legs." In 1992, the red shoes Christian first to use his design, so the red shoes and shoes become Christian signs.

Now, the Christian Louboutin fashion shoes has already become the top brands, for three consecutive years they Index (top Luxury next LBSI) Luxury list, in front of the world's most famous shoes 07,08,09 Brand. A few years ago that in literary young women in the film is very popular, Sex and the City "the City), it is Louboutin Christian, Carrie Bradshaw of publicity in the second quarter of inside rushed into New York Christian Louboutin boutiques, Christian laptop for $1795, $86.5 handbag of red bottom Christian high-heeled shoes.

Of course, there is a Christian, the double bottom shoe is still pink, or sex and the city.

Many well-known actress in his customer, Angelina jolie list, nicole kidman, Victoria Beckham, Cameroon diaz, Paris Hilton is Christian Louboutin fans. Of course, how can it got us less fashion queen barbie?


That man looks noble shoes--Christian Louboutin

These shoes are so very gorgeous that you will be the first one to spot these styles. When you buy yourself the Christian Louboutin replicas they allow you to present the person in the right light. This is the place where most of the high profile and elite shop and you will become one amongst them. The inventive and intricately constructed and put together shoes will make you feel like this is going to be one perfect addition in your wardrobe.
These shoes become the right ones for any season based on the way you wear them and use the right accessories. They are matched to perfection, the kind that will enable you to be able to bring out the very best in yourself. With these shoes on your feet you will have the social stigma of the most positive kind to be associated with. The season's biggest hits can all be found in the Christian Louboutin replicas and they are the kind of shoes that say - the die for shoes. The kind of couture that is in vogue all the time and never ever goes out of the season. The kind that will last you for infinity and ever, almost like eternal love! You will find photographers queuing up at your doorstep in reality or in day dreams but that is okay. Day dreams can be turned into reality with the right shoes, attire and attitude.
The Christian Louboutin Suede Thigh High Monica Boots allow you to have the color tones, the style and pattern and make you feel the very best. The right use of essential tools and resources gives users the very best of what is out there. The colors used to the best of their ability along with the right accessories to match.
The brand has been in the design business long enough to know exactly what the customer's want. They have their hand on the pulse of the buyer. This pair is among the wide variety of shoes offered in the collection of Christian Louboutin replicas. And if you purchase these shoes, you are not only getting the best bargain in the market, but you are also getting the best quality of materials with these shoes.
The new combinations and permutations that are launched regularly enable the person to be able to wear different kinds of fashion trends at all times. Christian Louboutin replicas are the kind of fashion collection that goes beyond a season or two and lasts long.
For instance, when you look at this pair from the Christian Louboutin replicas range you will want to buy them straight away. They come to you with the best of everything. All the things that are associated with the Christian Louboutin brand are to be found right out here. So, go on and let your senses feel the sensual touch of these fabulous shoes on your feet. Shoes that are magnificent and awe-inspiring for sure. Start shopping and find the perfect shoes for your style!
If you like fashionable Christian Louboutin's replicas and other shoes like me, then please do yourself a favor and go to Christian Louboutin replicas, and Replica Handbags. You will love it!


Sex and the City - The Wedding

Well, did they or didn't they? In case you have not seen the Sex and the City movie yet, I won't give away the details of Carrie and Mr. Big's wedding drama. Besides, what everyone really wants to know is, "What did Carrie wear?"! Fashionistas everywhere, especially brides-to-be, have been waiting for years to see what style icon Carrie Bradshaw would choose for a wedding gown.
As expected, Carrie's gown was high fashion, and over the top. Designed by the legendary Vivienne Westwood, the bridal gown worn by Sarah Jessica Parker's character was a one-of-a-kind fantasy dress. It was created from yards and yards of ivory and gold silk, and featured a strapless bodice with an exaggerated point design, and a billowing two tone skirt with pick ups. It is not a dress that most women could pull off, but then, no one ever accused Carrie Bradshaw of playing it safe when it came to fashion. The most daring part of the ensemble was the crazy blue feathers she wore in her hair. That was pushing it, even for Carrie!
So many women love the Sex and the City series, and for many of them it is because of the fifth main character - the fashion! The designer shoes, the exclusive handbags, and the couture dresses have delighted and inspired millions of women. Even if you can't afford the same labels that the Sex and the City women wear, you can still borrow their incredible style ideas. Brides, in particular, can get some great inspiration on how to bring a unique and fabulous flair to their own wedding.
Few brides have the budget or the chutzpah to wear a wedding gown exactly like Carrie Bradshaw's. However, you can use some of the same concepts in a slightly more traditional way. For instance, if you love the combination of the gold and ivory silk in her gown, choose an ivory strapless dress with a gold sash at the waist, or gold tails flowing down the back of the gown. Also, the pick ups on the skirt of Carrie's gown are are detail that is offered by quite a few designers in many price ranges. And don't worry about the blue hair feathers - those are best skipped altogether!
Another fun way to bring some of the look of Sex and the City to your wedding day is with accessories. Swarovski crystals were one of the favorite embellishments of the film's stylists. They were used everywhere, from Carrie's cell phone to Miranda's wedding hair clip. This is a great detail to pull from the movie into your own wedding; not only are Swarovski crystals dazzling, but unlike the Vivienne Westwood gown, they are also affordable.
To make yourself feel like a movie star, look at custom bridal Swarovski necklaces for your wedding jewelry. Having a piece that is handcrafted allows you to choose something that is totally unique. And the sparkle and pop of custom bridal Swarovksi necklaces make them perfect for any bride hoping to capture a little bit of Carrie's wedding style. For your other accessories, you will naturally want to focus on spectacular footwear and handbags. Even if your shoes do not have a red sole (as in Christian Louboutin, of course), they should definitely have the look and feel of luxury. Carrie would want you to have nothing less.
It is always fun to take concepts for your wedding from the fashion icons who inspire you. Women who are planning a wedding now are so lucky to have the unparalleled fashion of Sex and the City as a source for ideas. A little touch of Carrie Bradshaw mixed with a whole lot of your own personal style will surely result in an unforgettable wedding!

Affordable Guess Shoes For Any Event2

There is nothing worse than having a nice outfit paired with shoes that look cheap and ill-fitted. That's why when you purchase shoes you have to rely on the brand name then move forward to how well it fits you. If a shoe is known for falling apart quickly and not fitting your foot very well, then go on to the next one.
We often have this habit of purchasing a shoe for a particular event not worrying about longevity. Waste of time and money - spend with quality in mind. Cheap is cheap and when you look closely at a shoe you can tell the price range.
This is one of the reasons I stick with Guess Shoes. You are always buying quality and you can tell from how the shoe is structured that they took time with the mechanics when making the shoe.
The Mechanics of a Shoe
Shoes are not only made with fashion in mind; they are also constructed to be comfortable. For example, if a shoe has a high narrow heel then how the front is made will make all the difference to the comfort and longevity. Will the heel pop off? Will the straps snap at the most inopportune time?
Guess Shoes takes the time to ensure comfort while remaining stylish. The shoe last and you get your money's worth while looking good.

Affordable Guess Shoes For Any Event2

There is nothing worse than having a nice outfit paired with shoes that look cheap and ill-fitted. That's why when you purchase shoes you have to rely on the brand name then move forward to how well it fits you. If a shoe is known for falling apart quickly and not fitting your foot very well, then go on to the next one.
We often have this habit of purchasing a shoe for a particular event not worrying about longevity. Waste of time and money - spend with quality in mind. Cheap is cheap and when you look closely at a shoe you can tell the price range.
This is one of the reasons I stick with Guess Shoes. You are always buying quality and you can tell from how the shoe is structured that they took time with the mechanics when making the shoe.
The Mechanics of a Shoe
Shoes are not only made with fashion in mind; they are also constructed to be comfortable. For example, if a shoe has a high narrow heel then how the front is made will make all the difference to the comfort and longevity. Will the heel pop off? Will the straps snap at the most inopportune time?
Guess Shoes takes the time to ensure comfort while remaining stylish. The shoe last and you get your money's worth while looking good.

Affordable Guess Shoes For Any Event

If you're looking to stand out from the crowd select a pair of Guess Shoes and watch everyone take notice. Made selectively for the trendsetter who loves glamour and looking for the latest designs. This vendor creates looks for Men, Women and Children giving flavor to anyone looking to upgrade their style.
I've found that many women love these shoes particularly because they have a familiar look to other well-known, more expensive brands out there. Not to say that Guess borrows a look, but it's nice to have options when you can't afford Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin's.
One quality that I love that must be highlighted - these shoes "give" meaning the leather is well constructed but will not remain stiff. You know when you first purchase brand new shoes that you love but they remain stiff, not fitting the foot very well? Shoes are actually meant to do this to stand up to wear and tear and hold its shape but no matter what I like for my shoes to get soft and roomy and form the mold of my foot. Well Guess Shoes will do this. The leather is not that stiff and makes walking a breeze!

Bad Habits That Make Weight Loss a Difficult Task For You 2

Drink too much coffee
To take in too much coffee can easily cause heart disease. The high concentrations of caffeine in coffee can make change the functionality of heart and increase the amount of cholesterol in blood vessel. In addition, to drink too much coffee leads to decreased work efficiency. Besides, it can reduce the water of gastrointestinal digesta and influence your weigh loss process.
Brew tea with vacuum cup
There are a large amount of tannic acid, theocin and various kinds of vitamin in tea leaves. 80 degree centigrade is the perfect temperature for brewing tea. If the you draw your tea in high-temperature water for too long, the vitamin in tea leaves will be destroyed and the taninic acid and theocin are likely to exude. Therefore, the increasing hazardous substance will influence the digestion and make you become fat.

Bad Habits That Make Weight Loss a Difficult Task For You1

There are a large number of people who are trying to lose weight through using various kinds of ways in order to make themselves become slimmer and more beautiful. But there must be some people who think losing weight is a difficult task for them after a long-term try. In this case, they may neglect some of their living habits. We should know that some bad habits are really obstacles on your way to beauty and slimness.
Have no breakfast
Having no breakfast is likely to do great harm to your stomach and make you work with low spirits. Besides, it is also possible to accelerate the aging process. You will stay in an air of lassitude without breakfast. Then you may take the method of heavy meals to brace yourself up and finally gain your weight. In addition, you may eat too much lunch if you do not take in breakfast.
Have too rich dinner
The amount of insulin in blood reaches the peak in a day. The insulin can make blood sugar transform into fat and then the fat will stick on vascular walls. If your dinner is too rich, you will become fat gradually. Meanwhile, if the dinner lasts for a long time, the normal biological clock will be damaged and cause insomnia.

Five Good Habits That Help Women Fight Against Aging

To have a good breakfast - You are suggested to take in food that contain abundant protein in breakfast. Do not refuse to eat eggs. It is better to have an egg every morning.
3. To have adequate sleep
Maybe you are busy with your work or housework. But, you should learn how to allocate your time rationally so as to ensure enough sleeping time. As you know, sleep can help to remove tiredness, restore vitality and eliminate wrinkles on face. In addition, enough sleep can prevent many skin problems, such as black eyes, pouches, roughness etc. This is where purpose and significance of beauty sleep lie in.
4. To do exercise often
It seems that women do not like sports as much as men. However, exercise plays a vital role in keeping you youthful. Outdoor activities can not only build up your health but also activate the cells. Thus to relieve pressure and fight against aging.
5. To remove toxins timely
Deposited toxins inside your body can make skin encounter various problems and make people become old. So if you want to stay young, then you should remove toxins inside your body timely.

Five Good Habits That Help Women Fight Against Aging

It is a necessary thing that you should use advanced products if you want to fight against aging. But as a matter of fact, some of your habits can easily influence the state of your skin. Today I will introduce you five good habits that can make you look 5 years younger.
1. Maintain peace of mind
If you want have good skin, then you should keep in a good mood. It is the same case if you want to stay young. People are easily to become old if you are in a low spirit. Thus, you should learn to keep a good mood. First you should try to keep a balance of status mind. In this way, you can regulate hormone to the utmost extent.
2. Keep a scientific and rational diet
In terms of anti-aging, scientific and rational diet can improve your skin and health internally and make you look younger and more vigorous. Here you should keep the following four tips in mind.
To take in fresh vegetable and fruits - Fresh vegetable and fruits contain a large amount of vitamin and trace elements, especially vitamin E that can remove free radicals that lead to aging.
To supplement calcium - To drink a cup of milk every day can not only build up health, but also supplement calcium.
To drink water as much as possible - Water is one of the necessary elements of human body. To drink one to two litres of water can strengthen your physique as well as maintain soft and tender skin.

Seven Unknown Functions of Banana

4. To Treat Melanchonia
Banana contains a substance which can help human brain to produce 6-hydroxytryptamine, which make people be happy, lively and cheerful. People with melancholia are suggested to eat bananas frequently to avoid being depressed, pessimistic and disappointed.
5. To Treat Pruritus Cutanea
Banana skin contains a kind of substance which can restrict the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. Experiment shows that banana skin can cure pruritus cutanea and beriberi caused by bacteria and fungi. The effectiveness is excellent.
6. To Treat Cough
Banana has a good effectiveness when it is used to treat cough. People who cough with lung heat can use one or two bananas to stew with crystal sugar, one or two times a day.
7. To Help to Lose Weight
As the content of starch in banana is very high, so it will make you easily feel full if you take in several bananas. In addition, it takes time for starch to transmit into sugar, so there will not be much energy remained. Thus, bananas can be treated as food which can help to lose weight.

Seven Unknown Functions of Banana

Bananas can not only provide human body with abundant nutrients and various kinds of vitamin, but also make your skin tender, eyes bright, energy rich and life longer. Besides this, bananas also have many other kinds of functions that are unknown to you.
1. To Reduce Serum Cholesterol Level
High cholesterol can cause coronary heart disease. The fruit stem of bananas can help to reduce cholesterol levels. People with high cholesterol can get 50 kilograms of banana stem and then cut them into slices. Soak these slices into boiled water and then drink the water. You can do this 10-20 days successively. This will help you to reduce cholesterol level
2. To Prevent and Cure Gastric Ulcer
Banana contains a kind of medical substance which can prevent gastric ulcer. It can simulate the growth and reproduction of mucous cells, thus to produce much more mucous membrane to protect the stomach.
3. Treat High Blood Pressure
People who have high pressure and cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases often have more sodium than kalium, while banana contains large amount of potassium ions, which can effectively restrict the negative effects of sodium ions. These negative effects consist of vasoconstriction and damaging cardiovascular. Eating bananas can help to maintain the balance between sodium and kalium. Therefore, to have 3 to 5 bananas each day brings benefits to people with high blood pressure and cardiac and cerebral diseases.

Why Are Women in Favor of Bananas

4. Bananas can help to lose weight.
Bananas can help you lose weight because they contain a large amount of food fiber while the amount of calorie is very small. You may feel full after eating some bananas because the starch amount inside them is high. In addition, it takes time for starch to convert into sugars. Therefore, there will be no excessive energy stocked inside body.
5. Bananas can be used for breakfast
With the fast pace of life, there are more and more people who try to replenish unbalanced diet with healthy food or supplements. Bananas contain nearly all kinds of vitamin and mineral substances, thus you can easily take in various kinds of nutrients from bananas. Bananas contain much kalium and magnesuim. Kalium can prevent high blood pressure and muscle spasm while magnesuim can help to eliminate tiredness. As bananas can be easily digested and absorbed, they are suitable for all people. In addition, bananas can be used as a substitute of breakfast. You do not need to worry about gaining weight.

Why Are Women in Favor of Bananas

Do you know that bananas are considered as "wisdom fruit"? It is the most common fruit in the market, but it can supply the body with abundant nutrition and a variety of vitamin as well as make skin tender and fair. Then I will list several reasons why women love eating bananas.
1. Bananas can be used to battle depression.
Bananas contain a substance that can help brain produce 5-hydroxy tryptamine and thus make people feel delightful. People who suffer from depression can take in more bananas so as to increase the density of 5-hydroxy tryptamine in brain and finally reduce the hormone that cause low spirits. Therefore, bananas are also looked as "happy food".
2. Bananas can be used to cure cutaneous pruritus.
Bananas contain a substance that can restrict the production of fungus and bacteria. Experiments prove that banana skin can be used to cure cutaneous pruritus and beriberi caused by fungus or bacteria. It works wonderfully.
3. Bananas can be used to reduce blood pressure.
Banana is a kind of healthy food which contain a large amount of starchiness. Bananas can promote stomach to wriggle. In addition, bananas can help to reduce blood pressure and relax the bowels.

Five Habits That Keep You Away From Gaining Weight

Many people are afraid of gaining weight after meal. In fact, we can do some things to avoid gaining too much weight after meal. Then I will introduce several ways to you to keep you away from gaining weight.
1. To have a banana after barbecue
Barbecue food can easily produce a great number of carcinogen such as Benzpyren etc. A recent research shows that banana can restrain the Carcinogenic effect of Benzpyren and protect your stomach and intestines. Here I would like to mention that barbecue is not a kind of healthy food. If you eat too much, you health will be in danger.
2. To drink a cup of celery juice after meal
If the the meal is too oily, then you can choose to drink a cup of juice after meal. Research shows that celery juice contains cellulose without too much sugar. This does good to your health because the cellulose contained in celery can remove fat inside your body.
3. To drink barley tea after meal
If you suffer from indigestion, then you are suggested to have a cup of barley tea after meal. The allantoin contained in barley can increase gastric secretion and promote gastrointestinal motility, thus does good to the digestion and absorption of food. So remember to drink a cup of barley tea for the sake of your health of your body.
4. To have some fruit after eating instant noodles
After eating instant noodles, you can have some fruits like apple, strawberry, orange or kiwi fruit etc. In this case, you can supplement the scarcity of vitamin and mineral substances. In addition, it is better to eat cooked instant noodles because the noodles can be be easily absorbed and digested by intestines.
5. To have a persimmon after meal
To have a persimmon after meal can moistening lung and arrest cough. Research says that persimmon has the function of moistening lung to arrest cough. For those people who suffer from respiratory disease, persimmon is an ideal healthy fruit. But you can not eat persimmon with an empty stomach because ellagic acid inside are easily blocked in stomach.

Five Kinds of Food That Can Make You Become White

Skin whitening is not just a lip service. Instead, it requires you to do internal maintenance. Some kinds of food inherently contain some magical ingredients which can promote skin metabolism and keep skin white and full of water.
1. Tomato
Tomato is a kind of food which can help to prevent you away from being harmed by sunshine. Tomato contains a kind of antioxidant--- lycopene. If you take in 14 milligrams of lycopene every day, the danger efficient of sunburn can be reduced by 40%. Tomatoes cooked is better than tomatoes that eaten raw.
2. Lemon
Lemon, which contains abundant vitamin C can promote metabolism, defer senility, remove spots, refine pores and soften cornified layer, thus to make skin glossy. Research shows that lemon can reduce the rate of incidence of skin cancer.
3. Fish
Research shows that eating fish three times a week can protect skin from being damaged by ultraviolet. Having fish regularly can provide skin with natural protection which is similar to the function of sun protection cream.
4. Nuts
Unsaturated fatty acid contained in nuts does good to skin. It can soften your skin from inside to outside and prevent the emergence of wrinkles. And your skin can keep being moisturized, thus make you look much younger. Vitamin E contained in nuts can not only reduce and prevent the production and deposition of lipofuscin in skin. In addition, it can also control the emergence of acne.
5. Cucumber
Modern scientific research shows that cucumber contains abundant sylvite and a certain amount of beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, sugar, protein and other kinds of nutrients like phosphor, iron etc. To take in cucumbers frequently can help you remove freckles and whiten the skin.

The Most Attractive Small Islands in Europe

Sicily, Capri Island, Santorini and Ibiza have become well-known tourist sites in the whole world. If you want to choose a different place that is quiet and peaceful to go on a vocation, then those numerous ordinary small islands are your best choice.
Porquerolles, France
When you step onto the land of this small island, you will feel like staying on the Caribbean beach. The different thing is that the neighbour is Provence. If you want to find a peaceful, White and simple beach you can keep heading north after going through vineyard and orchard. You can enjoy different scenery every few steps. Here is full of fresh and primitive air. The south of the island is steep cliff where you can overview the beautiful scenery of the small islands and the whole Mediterranean sea. Beautiful beaches and various colors are the unique present Porquerolles gives to people.
Isle of Man, England
It got its name from a legend. The legend says that the pioneers of this island are all men who can not get together with their families throughout the year. Thus in order to memorize those male ancestors, people give this island the name--- Isle of Man. It lies between England and Ireland and stays away from madding crowd. Those historical sites, natural beaches and steam trains together form a beautiful landscape here. People who are in fond of adventure can climb rocks or swim in the sea with sharks. If you want to enjoy the beautiful countryside view, here is an ideal place because you will not come across a person even walk for a few miles.
Svalbard, Norway
When talking about going on vacation on a sea island, the snow-covered Svalbard will not come to people's mind at the first time, but the beautiful and crystal clear snow scape really makes people helpless to resist the temptation. Svalbard, situated not far away from north pole, will make you feel different. And here lives about 36 kinds of birds. Different kinds of seals and white whale often appear on the seaside. If you are lucky enough, you can see polar bear, white fox and even. The most common transportation vehicle here are snow mobile and ship.

The Most Charming Islands in the World

It is a common thing for many people to dream of going to a charming place to go on their vacation. Undoubtedly, a beautiful island is the best choice. There are many beautiful and glamorous islands in the world which can serve as travel destinations. Then I will introduce some of those charming islands to you.
Eldey island
On the Eldey island of Iceland, the steep rock is about 252 miles high. Eldey island is the biggest habitat of pelicans in the world. There are more than 70,000 birds living in this island. As a result of volcanic eruption and crustal movement, there are different islands and rocks here. So it is dangerous for ships to navigate in this unstable area.
Exuma Cays Land
Exuma Cays Land is a part of Bahama island. Bahama islands consists of more than 700 islands, including solid reef islands and reef rocks. Amateur divers from all around the world come here to explore underwater caves and observe abundant marine creatures.Blue and clear seawater and white shiny beached attract numerous visitors in the world. Exuma National Park is also well-known for the colorful fish, strange birds and distinctive Bahamian rock iguana here.
Newcastle coral reefs in France
Around the Newcastle coral reefs in New Caledonia, France, seawater is fantastically blue in color. This coral reefs is the world second largest double barrier reef. It has been inscribed on the world heritage list by UNESCO because it is in danger.
Glover reef
Glover reef is the farthest lagoon away from Berlize--the capital of Honduras. It is a world heritage and marine nature reserve. Glover reef is located in Caribbean. It is an ideal place for you go on recreational sports such as swimming and diving.
Whitsunday Island
Whitsunday Islands is made up with 74 small islands. It locate within the protected area of great barrier reef --- the world heritage. Whitsunday island is the biggest one among those 74 islands. The scenery there is quite beautiful. There are blue seawater, white sandy-beach and colorful coral reef there which definitely make you feel comfortable and pleasant.

10 Ways to Help You Get Rid of Mental Pressure

1. Never Try to be Perfect
Do not think that everything should be done perfectly. What you should think about is in which kind of things you have full assurance of success. Then concentrate on them. To know that happiness lies in contentment helps you reduce mental pressure as well as prevents you from dying in a young age.
2. Slow down the Tempo
When things are in a total mess, you can try to slow down your pace and avoid to those listing unimportant things in your itinerary to treat them coldly.
3. Make some Concession
Even if you did completely right, it will not degrade when you make some concession. As proverb goes:" Tolerance makes space." Something can be done better if you treat them coldly because if you fall back a step, you can get more space.
4. Calm down no Matter What Happens
One of the measurements of the maturity of a person is whether he or she can stay calm when something happens. To deal with something calmly is beneficial to the reduction of stress.
5. Solve Problems One by One
To be busy and nervous will make you know nothing to do next. At this time, you can choose something urgent to deal with. Once it is solved, the other things will be solved immediately.
6. Blow out Anger
Do not be angry when encountered something unpleasant. You should learn to control yourself and blow out your anger. In this way, you can handle problems assuredly and intelligently. You are suggested to believe that in the end things will mend.
7. Do Some Good Things
If you are distressed by some private thing, then you can so some good things for other people. This can help you release your anxiety and make you feel the happiness of helping other people.
8. Look into the Distance
Once you feel annoyed and anxious, you can open your eyes widely and look into distance to see whether there is something unusual happen on the horizon.
9. Change the Environment
To change the environment can help to release mental pressure. This does not mean to evade negatively. Good job-hopping can help you find a new job and then do introspection to draw a lesson.
10. Go out to Travel
If you are bearing too much mental stress, you can go out with your family or friends to have a short-term tour. The splendid scenery of our great country will surely enchant you. In this case, all your unhappiness and anxiety will be thrown in a far distance.

Small Towns in America Are That Worth Visiting4

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
The population here is about 7163. It is 123 miles away from El Paso, Texas. In 1950, when the name of this small town was changed from Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences, the tourism of this town developed rapidly. A number of people are tend to visit this place at the first sight of its name. The restaurants and galleries here have their own features. There is a motel here that wins favor of the majority of visitors. When you look up the sky in the motel, you may feel like that you can touch the stars.
Livingston, Montana
The population here is 7062. It is only 25 miles away from Montana. Many young people think it is a nice thing to live here. Although they are attracted by the cheap rent price here, the most desirable thing here is that it takes only an hour to drive from the small town to Yellow Stone Park. Here dwells a lot of artists, writers, movie producers and musicians. They always hold some entertainment shows such as reading clubs and concerts.
White River Junction, Vermont
The population here is 2596. It is 76 miles away from Manchester, New Hampshire. It was once a railway terminal. So it got the name of White River Junction and then became the gathering place of many artists. The museums here always display many kinds of strange collections of some famous people. Meanwhile, there are lectures addressed by excellent cartoonists in the cartoon center. At last, the night life is also very rich. Usually, the night bars are decorated with a number of small banners on which there are words of expectations people write about their future life. It is said that if the visitors read aloud the wishes they write, then their dreams will come true.

Five Interesting Places in Puerto Rico

There are many interesting and wonderful places in Puerto Rico, but many visitors easily miss some beautiful scenery because of too much information. Here is a list of the five most interesting places in Puerto Rico.
1. El morro Fortress
El morro fortress --- an ancient tower, is the most remarkable landmark in the San Juan. It has more than 400 years of history in terms of protecting this city and shipping routes. Though it has gone through many wars and fights, it still faces the Atlantic ocean. Once you move one step forward and go into a cubicle which looks like a beacon tower, you can experience the life of those soldiers in colonial times as well as how the American army consolidated it during the period of WWI.
2. Bioluminescent Bay
A moonless night is a good choice for you if you want to pay a visit to this bay. You will find out why there are many people feel surprised if you take a canoe to cross the red forest and reach the Mosquito Bay. Here you can find that the little paddles you take will turn onto green in the water with beautiful fishes swimming around you. If you go diving in the water, it is possible for you to see your shinny body in the dark night. In this way, you will not find it hard to understand why Bioluminescent Bay is the most wonderful place in Puerto Rico. It is the special geographical environment, climate condition and the local protecting measures that make it become the most famous one of the most famous Bioluminescent Bays in the world.
3. El Yunque Rainforest
El Yunque Rainforest is the only one rainforestation in the American National Forest System. It takes only two hours by car from San Juan to the rainforest. This rich and abundant mountain area is far away from the beaches in the city and other places of interest. But that is why people come here. Here, you can cross those luxuriant plant complex in the rainforest; walk to those difficult mountains; go diving under the falls. This is the unchanged part in Puerto Rico throughout the whole history.
4. Culebra Island
There is controversy about Culebra island among people. In this small island which locates in the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, the most attractive place, I think, should be the widely-accepted peerless Flamenco island. Here, you can experience the most natural beauty because all the sceneries in this island is purely natural except the lighthouse and the beach.
5. Canvey Caves
There are two distinctive advantages of Canvey caves when compared with other places. The first one is that you can pay a visit to the famous Arecibo radio telescope. Also, you can start a journey of adventure here because this cave system is the third largest in the world. You can walk through the underground valley and reach the depth of about 600 miles.

Those Amazing Natural Attractions in United States 1

Arch Bridge in Utah
At sunset, if you sit on this natural wonder, you may prefer to stay with it rather than forget the time to go back home. This arch bridge is situated in Arches National Park near Moab town of Utah. It is a symbolizing scenery of Utah. It is about 52 feet high. However, the most impressing thing is the structure instead of its height. This structure of arch bridge is really unbelievable. Through millions of years of erosion and weather, a giant rock become hollow in its heart part. Then came this splendid arch shape. It looks like an arch bridge as well as a giant arched door.
Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii
As we all known, oceans are extremely cold, while volcanoes extremely hot. But what will happen if the two are combined together? The people who have been to Hawaii are lucky enough to have a look at this magnificent scene. In 2004, Kilauea Volcano erupted in a large scale. Volcano activity is the main factor which helps to form a planet. It can produce and restructure all kinds of landscape which varies from islands to mountains.
Old Faithful Geyser
Old faithful geyser, which is located in the Yellow Stone Park in United states, is one of the most famous intermittent spring s in the world. Once it erupts, it can spay 8400 gallon of hot water up to a height of 145 feet and it will last for one minute to five minutes. it got the name because it erupts regularly for every 45 minutes to 2 hours. It faithfulness wins favor of people. The power of its eruption is offered by the underground lava. The whole Yellow Stone Park is located in giant basin land which took shape from a super volcano that erupted 620,000 years ago.

Clean Up Your Mental Garbage Like This

There are various kinds of rubbish in our daily life, but we always neglect those garbage in our mind. Actually, it is simple to clean up those garbage. What we need is some psychological strategies.
Strategy A. Self-adjustment
1. Turn to your friends for communication and support.
2. Do exercise in some forms.
3. Spare some time to relax, take a deep breath and do extension exercise.
4. Try to change the root causes of work pressure.
5. Change our views on some problems so as to have a more thorough opinion on them.
6. Tell jokes with friends and bow the spirit of difficulties in a humorous way.
7. Drink more wine than usual.
Strategy B. Change Your Life Styles
1. Set aside a period of relaxing time in daily life and form the habit of relax.
2. Do pleasant things as many as possible.
3. Do not leave chance for pressure to pile up.
4. Strike a balance between work and leisure.
5. Insist on our rights in home and work.
6. Avoid overworking and too much work task.
7. Do not get rid of those things that frighten us.
8. Keep our achievements and progress in mind and learn to praise ourselves.
Strategy C. Learn to say "No".
You may feel stressed when somebody asks you to do something. But it is difficult for you to refuse them. You should consider whether you are willing to help or whether you are able to help. If you do not have the ability or willingness, you had better learn how to refuse their requests.

Celebrities and Their Influence on Fashion and Shoe Trends

-Lady Gaga - This multi-talented burlesque singer makes sure her social antics are discussed in press by wearing risqué shoes. Her seductive thigh high shoes accompanied by a pant-less attire, seductive high heel stilettos, PVC knee-length boots etc ensure that the Lady creates quite a sensation wherever she goes.
-Paris Hilton - Socialite and fashion icon Paris Hilton is known to possess thousands of pairs of designer shoes. Her favourite shoe style is pointed stilettos, high heel pumps, knee high shoes, open-toe pumps and high heel platforms. Wildly passionate about shoes, Paris also runs a successful footwear line in her own name.
Should we follow celebrity shoe fashion?
The fickle world of fashion is all about following trends. Teens and 20-somethings are especially seen desperate to follow trends started by their favourite celebrity. In most cases however, non-celebs can't afford the designer shoes that celebrities so often flaunt, so they have to opt for cheaper imitations of the shoes that adorn the A-list celebrities of the likes of Madonna and Victoria Beckham.
According to style experts, it makes people feel proud that they are in the shoes (in terms of design of course) of their fashion idols. The strong desire to mirror celebrities at times makes youngsters copy even the most bizarre shoe styles sported by the them. Stylists warn people against following celebrity shoe designs blindly because rather than looking fashionable, young girls often end-up being ridiculed by their peers. Before selecting shoes always make sure they are practical, gels with you mood and attitude and you should be able to carry them effortlessly. If you wear excessively high heels so that you can not even walk a few steps un-aided you definitely need to reconsider your choice. Also you should not go about harming your feet just because your fave celebs always wear vertiginous high heel shoes. According to podiatrists, very high heel shoes should be reserved for special occasions and should not be worn for hours at a stretch.
How to follow celebrity fashion at less?
Well, like Carrie Bradshaw of the SATC you should not always max out your credit card to buy designer shoes. Many Online Shoes Sites offer you the option to buy sexy shoes similar to ones that adorn the feet of celebs at a highly affordable price. There classy and glamorous shoes are highly popular as they inexpensive and superlative in quality. Shop from there extensive collection of high heel shoes and they will deliver it right at your doorsteps in a safe and discreet packaging.