Sweet spicy department girl tide is dressed up

There is always some tide girl, their sweet with little spicy, sexy alternating with little morbidezza their is a sweet spicy department girl! Don't go to extremes of tees instead will let your look more give prize, can let oneself quickly became the focus:
01 plush double platoon to buckle NeDaYi, have feminine taste very much a section of YY oh, exquisite woman flavour, super cultivate one's morality acura paragraph, let you whether all day and all night to look.
02 maomao brought cultivate one's morality coat, maomao collar, is very warm, can dozen bowknot, ultra sweet one of oh.
03 stripe bud silk cultivate one's morality T, unique design makes you become fashion focus. Tie-in dress and pants pants are good, it is a good dress up.
04 even cap ox horn buckles leather, let you own decorous temperament and sunshine of beauty! Show a girl dreamed of sweet flavor.
05 even cap accept waist coat, continue summer bunts upsurge of qiu dong thickening of bunting a single product will also become fashionable cosset oh.
06 high-necked pure lubricious sweater, fluffy, looks, warm, touch soft and comfortable, wear that dress, leisure melting and lovely gentle collection in a body.
07 double platoon to buckle plush splicing coat, sweet with dye-in-the-wood flavour, plus fluffy and NeZi reasonable proportion, little smell is dye-in-the-wood, and the colour of classical color, very joker of yo.
08 lapel inclined zipper furs, very individual character fashionable one, big turndown inclined zipper, very solid, like the United States eyebrow don't miss oh.
09 irregular hem furs, super personality style, without any redundant adornment, through fashion sense of space and return to natural simplicity is simple, perfect style.
10 hubble-bubble sleeve letters sweater, is very special, the whole give a person very atmosphere feeling, elegant and generous, street when patting more graces many.
11 lapel cultivate one's morality coat, this paragraph model a sedate, warm but not depressing feeling, modelling is flexible smart and beautiful and practical.


New Year in Korea of beautiful outfit with recommended

After Christmas, New Year's day and the Spring Festival is coming. As a fashionable MM, on New Year's day and the Spring Festival comes, choose what kind of costume to let their warm and fashion up, is one of the most serious problems MMS thinking now. Recommended for everybody below this winter of a few more popular Korean paragraph beautiful outfit with, hope MM people will like m:
01 melting qing dynasty and recreational vogue hold concurrently at one of wadded jacket coat, contracted design, clean and neat light tonal and lovely cross-court side pockets, highlights the young girl of pure sweet, do not break again big-hearted generous temperament.
02 shammy flocking composite fabrics and feel good hold concurrently soft and qualitative very fabric characteristic, also quite warm. Wool big turndown and classic double platoon to buckle design, very show class, prominent women's elegant.
03 very beautiful tooling wind coat, concise design design ~ functional have thick interlining cotton lining, warmth retention property is very strong, both sides pocket design, handsome carefree!
04 fawn snowflakes, classic pattern again this year starting a shares agitation restoring ancient ways. A relaxed edition type, can cover the buttocks of length, optional collocation a render pants, highlight your lovely and lively side.
05 fashionable feeling, also with the recreational and fashionable breath a section of leopard grain even cap cotton-padded jacket, using a thick soft tactility of rayon added fiber blend fabric, very warm, kiss skin, can rest assured wearing oh.


Hermes SS 2011

爱马仕这场SS runway真是惊喜连连,
Jean Paul Gaultier在告别秀里把看家本领都使出来了~


看了这场秀之后也不得不感叹“老顽童”Jean Paul Gaultier的实力,
却有点替接任的Christophe Lemaire有点担心哎~

images from: www.style.com

Hermes SS 2011

爱马仕这场SS runway真是惊喜连连,
Jean Paul Gaultier在告别秀里把看家本领都使出来了~


看了这场秀之后也不得不感叹“老顽童”Jean Paul Gaultier的实力,
却有点替接任的Christophe Lemaire有点担心哎~

images from: www.style.com


Luxury luxury big Christmas party for you the first line

Christmas is coming soon, but the party is about to come, these fashion accessories are you ready? If detonated the audience, whether it has its own unique line of head?

Christian Louboutin white high heels

   Shiny high heels

There are always many reasons for women to their purchase of new shoes: discount, party, or just fancy a pair of shoes in particular. Make sure your heels are not her unchangeable, even little changes can make it flash up. Scattered crystals, leather fabric piece, in short, they are with your little black dress of choice.

There are lots of shining white high heels embellished with crystals, it is the reality of the Cinderella glass slipper. Fish head design makes this elegant shoe a little more lively shoes taste.

Gold Jimmy Choo heels

Large area of gold give this shoe look magnificent. The band width of the heel and fine sharp visual contrast, the absolute is to create “The Queen temperament,” the perfect single product.

Rhonda black high heels

Three years recommended by the party high heels, Rhonda This is particularly a characteristic double, dotted with black straps and gold interspersed elements exist side by side, for all the parties and fun occasions.


According to colour to match sweater

The sweater in winter wear high frequency, determined the winter clothes in the position, sundry sweater according to different color can match a different fashion sense and temperament, let whole winter become puffed up unruly, the alternative avant-garde:
01 shallow cream-colored knitting fabric, fluorescent green and orange thrust deep into the meantime, unique and not abrupt, youth and move feeling, and covering meat effect.
02 big red manual twist cardigan don't have the festive atmosphere. White beret improve lightness, light and bright, inside take letters T-shirt build hierarchy.
03 sapphire blue foil color of skin more tender. Around two shoulders macrame class, abound visual, disturb show fat whole color piece, make you look small lot.
04 blue white alternate with sweater cardigan, five-star elements reveal personality while rich upper element, break depressing. Crimson red MaoXianMao is whole body indispensable fashion colour.
05 wide stripe unlined upper garment, use powdery green, flaxen build far view visual effect. The same length navy coat, pitched balanced stripe expand feeling, thin body effect are excellent.


Shania Twain Engaged to Frederic Thiebaud: Congrats

Yes!! Shania Twain is engaged to Frederic Thiebaud. 40-year-old Nestle business executive Frederic Thiebaud popped the question to 45-year-old singer Shania about two months ago in Switzerland and she said YES, Us Weekly reports.

There is a little scandal behind Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud engagement as Thiebaud is the ex-husband of Marie-Anne Thiebaud who was Shania Twain’s best friend, but not any more.

shania twain engaged

Marie-Anne Thiebaud allegedly cheated on Frederic with Robert “Mutt” Lange, who is Shania’s ex-husband. How complicated!! Country singer Shania separated from her husband Robert “Mutt” Lange in 2008.

The heartache brought two of them together and then wound up fallling in love. A friend of the singer told magazine: “I’ve never seen Shania so happy. She has ended up with the love of her life.”

For more celebrity engagements, check out Prince William engaged to Kate Middleton,Tony Romo engaged to Candice Crawford, Kelsey Grammer engaged to Kayte Walsh.

Congratulations Shania and Frederic!!