Happiness in hand

The smile lin2 guang3 ji4 "have such a story:

A ghost TuoSheng, hades judged as rich.

Ghost yue: "I would not rich. But life is not short of food and clothing, no is nothing but, burn scent, hardship tea, comfortable living enough."
Hades yue: "want to make money, give you tens of thousands, but it is also there QingFu, difficult to give you free at it."

To tell the truth, I'm for the ghost stories high praise, he not only character vast, mood, but also far grand general life message.

You see him for the afterlife plan, and did not take riches and honour, only ask naive elegant, indifferent to life, it may be said without wanting to ask for it. Which material, hades dripping water head one piao: silver but more for you, such QingFu, really hard to fulfill.

Just began to read this story, I Labour. Arguably, the ghost desire is extremely low, have low to foot. Tens of thousands of silver can literally to send, how can't satisfy the next-best thing such a simple request? Is money and wealth, also not the foot a little wish?

Now, I know this story. I think, hades was the encroaching on earth saw and also searches.

Yes, this world, riches and honour such as the tip of the thin warm, he gently cool if cloud shadow, even if will flowery, but like fireworks, cannot go far. Only "life is not short of food and clothing, no is nothing but, burn scent, hardship tea, comfortable living" of life, life is ZhiJing, such as water, wind had scanty towards Yang Lin, every day, looks very delicate, but are heart day, dive with sweet, sweet, is hiding himself really lives each day.
We live in this world, constantly running every day, even chase chase, secular need of the mind and not its needs. Its fabulously rich people, may not find happiness, Right side, not necessarily sloping search to happiness. Joy and happiness, in the final analysis, not money and power, just in our heart a kind comfortable and quiet.
Have a folk song sing a way: your eyes some scene, didn't you read, You have blessed, you don't enjoy. Yes, I want to say, we how many person, of life in this moment, dishonorable to live in this in this world in the most beautiful ZhiJing? However, how many people, realize it, feel it? So, how many eyes of beauty being let down, how much happiness in vain passed on.


By 2010, qiu dong belt creative become main melody

This year qiu dong, wear shuttle in euramerican each big brands conference of small make up are discovering, today season belt of the great attention by designers and favour, each brand new tend to loading to launch their own unique design, let a female belt of the waist line to receive even more people concern:

01 from the Balmain aureate tornado, very queen demeanour, and waist belt metallic rivet highlights fashion and ambition.

02 call this go is of urban women contracted course, waist fine leather belt make integral temperament naked color ascension many.

03 Derek Lam of this circular arc design belt very feeling restoring ancient ways, coriaceous soft lines and straightforward camel's hair coat microlenders by Mix, which collects data immediately make you imposing.Christian Louboutin Boots

04 A.F Vandevorst this section has waist function of three platoon to buckle design inspiration is said to be from equestrian events, rich stereoscopic modelling is very alternative.

05 Jill Stuart of this belt has the very strong cortical rivet the visual perception, restore ancient ways means dense, waist asymmetry design impressive, concurrently at the same time the functional design of waist purse is quite distinct.Christian Louboutin Sandals

06 Julien Macdonald of this X brown department belt is also very fantastic, seeming mass popularity not satisfactory, but had to admit, this section X belt and models of cloak match perfectly.

07 De La Renta of this experience unique in the belt and jacket falbala collocation very cleverly, waist the design for this seems to be the meticulous cowhide small belt and special reserved, integral collocation is very harmonious.

08 last from Richard Nicoll of this belt now in our side already everywhere, contracted gives fully in a luxuriant feeling, very close to people from design, truly played a T stage to mass of fashionable influence.


Belgrade marks 30 years of sister cities relation with Beijing

BELGRADE, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- Celebrating 30 years of cooperation and fraternal relations between the capitals of Serbia and China, an art exhibit entitled "The Beauty of Beijing" was opened in the Old Palace in Belgrade on Tuesday.Christian louboutin Black

Belgrade Mayor Dragan Djilas extended a welcome to the visiting Beijing delegation, underscoring years of cooperation and cultural exchanges.

"For us the bridge we are going to build together is important, along with our cultural components which will complement our desire for Belgrade in 2020 to be the European 'cultural capital'," said Djilas, making reference to the 1,507-meter bridge over the Danube River to be constructed by Chinese firms. The total value of the contract is 170 million Euros and its completion date is 2013.

The original cooperation agreement between Beijing and Belgrade was signed in October 1980, with the aim of boosting cooperation in the fields of economics, urban planning, utilities, health, education, culture, tourism and sport.

Ma Zhipeng, senior advisor to the city of Beijing, said cooperation between the twin cities has been expanding over the last three decades.Christian Louboutin

He said the art exhibit, with its 50 paintings divided into four thematic sections, would allow the citizens of Belgrade to become more familiar with the Chinese capital.

"On the occasion of the festive celebrations, in addition to the exhibition, the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Beijing signed an agreement on cooperation, which will provide a platform for economic cooperation between the two cities," said Ma.Christian Louboutin Pumps

In addition to the art exhibit, the Orchestra "Huaxia" performed a collection of classic Chinese musical pieces with traditional instruments.


I ever loved you

Actually, I think I was always a rational person, always all very can control your temper. Though sometimes people cannot decide their thoughts. Such as now...
I've been trying to love a person. One is sufficient. "your hand, and son harmonic old." beautiful fable is you tell me, so I am very not easy to fall in love with you later, why do you want to leave?
Friend is a lifetime. If early know today of this result. I guess I will be your good friend, your best friend. But not you once lover. Please forgive me. I can't you as my friend. In our break-up. Really. You should know that such a few words: "if really loved, it cannot be friends." each one night, every night like night. Past panning staged, missing bit by bit, finally, condensed into a single again finally orbiting a glittering and translucent tears. You don't love.Christian Louboutin
Someone said, "be loved is happiness, love is painful." It happened that is so many people prefer to love rather than to be loved. Like me, as you!
We are two too similar, my sad is very sad. But not a bit method can save you. From hand to break up. Seemingly is a very simple process. But you know it or not, this simple process is the only love in my life.
To the last. I finally found: originally I is a not suitable for love. And you, finally also will have your new life. So I said I bless you! True. Bless you!Christian Louboutin Boots
Broke up. No other to beg. Love is love. Romantic love in addition to both you and I can't solve the problem. Beautiful feelings is never forget things.
Ear again came together we listen to a long time of those old songs, my side without you. The window is our familiar moonlight, but also not gentleness, and for me, without you also have themselves.Fall is unfounded. Terrible is one doesn't want to fall will involuntarily destruction, depression. True. Sorrow is addictive poison. As I love you is also unable to forget the fact. Christian Louboutin Pumps
Love, sometimes means harm. And I, again and again unbearable to sorrow. Once the honey gentleness will air-dry, fade. I this you don't love people are just the same.
All let it die with the breeze! Broke up. Remember. I this you don't love of people had very deep love you...


Love a person isn't meant to be

You find here? The feeling of love, is always in a began to feel very sweet, total feel finally no longer lonely. At least one person thinking about you, love you, no matter what things, as long as it can together, it is good. But slowly, with each other understanding deeper, you start to see that the other faults, hence problem occurred one after another, you begin to bother tired, even want to escape. Some say love is like in picking up stones, always want to pick up a suit oneself, but how do you know when to pick up to? She fits you, that you fit her? Actually, love is like grind cobble is same, maybe just pick up when you are not so satisfied, but man is bouncy, a lot of things can be changed, as long as you have heart have courage, and everywhere to pick the unknown stone, still be inferior to will we have stone polished finish, you began to grind?Christian Louboutin
Someone says: drinking, six points drunk ren saixu is most comfortable. Time of have a meal, 7 minutes full satisfaction is the most comfortable. If you continue to eat, it is very likely gastro-intestinal discomfort and lose all the pleasure of dining. When you love a person, love to eight absolutely just right. All expectation and hope only seven of eight points, remaining two or three points used to love yourself. If you continue to love more, will probably give each other heavy pressure, let the other suffocatively come, completely lost the love of fun. That day my friend asked me: exactly how should do just be love a person? I smiled to say with him: actually everybody is romance is different, said that enlightens, but was afraid that wrong but become misled! If you are also for love perplexed, perhaps the following the paragraph can give you some revelation: love a person, want to understand, also want to KaiXie; To apologize, also want to thank, To admit, also want to correct the mistakes; Be considerate, also want to understanding, Is accepted, not endure, Is tolerant, not indulge, Is support, not dominate, Is sympathy, not questioned; Is telling, rather than indictment, Is unforgettable, not forgotten; Is each other, not all things metasomatism; Pray for each other is silent, rather than to the other party demanding, Can be romantic, but don't waste; Can at any time in hand. But don't literally break up if you've done all, even though you don't love a person, also have yearn instead of a grudge against ~ ~Christian Louboutin Boots
In fact I don't know anything, sometimes love or like a person only destined to ~ ~


You happy, so I am happy

As a doctor, everyday and patients, see be used to deal with birth and death, has few things that I moved.
That day, I accepts a breast cancer patients, more than fifty, for the discovery of late, late due to illness, and lungs have transferred, surgery has no meaning. In my opinion, such patient money already largely useless, doctor in lifetime eat more drink be serious. My opinion has on the patient's husband clear, see that he is so sad and frustrated, he was the disappointment, look absolutely let I remorse.
Modern people in advocating patients have illness, I was right to consider how to explain and patients condition. The woman's husband walk to come in, incidentally also mask on the door. Man is respectful of appearance, a little fumble, he chewing me to say a lot of words. I finally came to understand, he asked me not to the seerity of illness told his wife, because she didn't know, only thinks is mammary gland grew on a small tumors, cut off was just fine.Christian louboutin Black
It is strange, many patients' families all this requirement, they are afraid of sick people cannot afford losing the life confidence blow. In fact also is such, clinical, many cancer patient's death does not because disease itself degradation and development, but because of illness after know patients lose our confidence in life, so will accelerate the death of the patient.
I natural promised his request, also said to him surgery has not make much sense, he can save a sum of operation, can use this money to let his wife for something better, or enjoy some. I return to he suggested that I have a good friend in the travel agency, if he wanted to, he can take his wife go to Hong Kong for a visit, I can friends and I gave them the most preferential price.
To my amazement, he was firmly require surgical must do, but as long as the small tumor resection of mammary gland, he said he knew that to his wife's illness did not help, but can let his wife rest assured, let her think she really just got a little ill, and it's nothing serious. See that he loved his wife, he is resolute, I only have promised to arrange for them to surgery.
On the same day afternoon, I'm office, a face calm woman pushed the door and enter, is the female patients. I watch her once, she is really an ordinary woman, plain, and littele plain clothes very thin also is very old, from various aspects are a common saying somebody else's ordinary woman, surface can't see any charm, but I know her man loved her.
Her words small but very direct also very organized, this lets me know that she was a very rational woman. She meant to roughly three: first, she said she knew her illness, because she had long ago in the village when barefoot doctors, she has seen related books at home, they know they have that kind of bad disease, and have already very serious. Second, she told me not to actual condition tell her husband, she said she this lifetime is her taking care of him, old and didn't want him to be overly concerned. Third, she require surgical resection of her breast, but as long as the small tumors, going through the motions to comfort her husband, think that she really got only a little sick.
Woman clear ground to say, I have stayed lived, I can't think of a couple in different time for me to do the same requirements.
At one time, and I thought she was deliberately to tempt unionizing to I understand disease. But soon I knew I was wrong, she is really know oneself after all what is wrong with you. I only use HaoYanHaoYu tell her actually her illness and didn't she imagined that serious, as long as finish operation can be recovered. But she quietly laughing interrupt me, she said, thank you, doctor, my illness, I know, I just want you to his secret.
I was wondering how is good, the woman's husband push door came in and see a woman after a face of fear of appearance. A woman saw him, was the first to speak up: "you're right. You see, I just ask a doctor, the doctor said I, this is just a small fibroma, making small operation cut away was just fine, just like ten years ago my cousin long the same. She is now well!" A woman face bright smile, don't see any pretended to trace, the man was very happy look, "is well, operation cut away he would be okay, let's go, don't hold up doctors work." The woman went let a man helped walked out, face when go woman also specially return overdo to me say "thanks".
Two happy look as if really is she only had a little trouble, and not let people talk about the color change "cancer". At that moment, watching them two pieces of old but had a child and cherubic smile face, and they have slightly bent figure, I suddenly filled with touched, see be used to worldly born and death, I thought I had numbness, but at the moment I yet for the old couple had touched, for they arises feelings. I have to do something for them what impulse, but again I what can be done about it?Christian Louboutin Pumps
I listen to their advice, in fact I had no alternative, surgery is small, I just did what I can do.
Later, they quickly out of the hospital, the hospital, the husband came into my office, red face asking if I go to the Hong Kong tourist can really preferential many. He says he will take his wife to visit Hong Kong, see the neon of world, he said his wife follow him didn't enjoy what fu, he want to let her live can wonderful life, but a little money, please I help you can see some more favorable. Of course I obligatory, I find I that when guide friends gave him the most preferential price, and mine that friend along the way to their more care.
Later I listen to the friend say, this old couple is he has seen the most loving couple old man, also be Hong Kong tour happiest couple. Finally, he gave me a videotape, is the old couple of Hong Kong tour, they say they're thank me, know I really care for them, were recorded designedly so as to let me know now they're happy.
When a friend of tell, my mind suddenly gushed out a word: are you happy, so I am happy.


Convince others to six different kinds of good method

In the life needs to persuade the object has a lot of, he may be your parents, your boss, your customers, your friends, you apply for administering the... Sometimes, some measures on you and commits a crime, you should be preserved, skillfully use persuade skills, so that he put down "kill", avoids causing serious consequences. In life, always may meet to convince others situation, if not to master the techniques and persuade it will be difficult to achieve ideal result, this paper summarized the following six persuade skills for reference.
A, regulate atmosphere, example
In persuading, you should talk to adjust the atmosphere. If your displeasure with questions of way replace command, give a person with maintenance self-esteem and honor the opportunity, the atmosphere is friendly and harmony, persuade may be easier to success; Conversely, in persuading not respect for others and pulled out a vice thrusting manner, then persuasion is mostly to fail. After all, people are self-esteem, even 3-year-old children also have their self-esteem, who did not hope oneself by others easily convince and under the control.
A high school teacher took over a bad job, just in time to catch BanBan director arrange all class students attend school playground labor. Flat Students of this class hiding in the shade who also refused to work, how is the teacher said has no effect. Afterwards the teacher thought of a example of way, he asked the students: "I know that you are not afraid of work, but were very afraid of hot?" Students who don't want to say and lazy, and Angela said, is because the weather was too hot. The teacher said: "since it is, we will wait the sun sets working again, now we can explicitly playing a play." Students listen will be happy. The teacher to make atmosphere more heated some, also bought dozens of ice cream let everybody good. In laughing play, students accepted the teacher's persuasion, ranging from the sun began to happily the Labour.
Second, strive for sympathy, with strong weak grams
Desire compassion is the person's nature, if you want to convince the more powerful opponent, might as well use this for sympathy skills, and the weak grams is strong, to achieve purpose.
Have a 15 year old girl, unfortunate abducted mountains to Shanghai. That evening, it was a light rain, little girl's door opened, and a middle-aged Shanghai "Allah" came in. The girl came to my mouth heartbeat. However, she still quickly sedation, thoughtfully called sound: "uncle!" Middle-aged "Allah" one leng, the portrait was magic settle there.Little girl carefully say: "I see uncle is a good man, look at your age, and my dad about, but my dad than you bitter much, he earned in the country last year, when he ZaiYang hot heatstroke..." Spoke, his tears hua hua to flow. "Allah" face reddened, short of silence, low to said 1: "thank you, little girl." Then open the door away.Face strong "Allah", why to let oneself appear more weak, to inspire his compassion? Smart girl is doing.1 "uncle", suddenly opened two age distance, let "Allah" cannot think of yourself that same in adolescent children. Sympathize with of seed germination start on his mind. Then little girl and lose no time to give he wore "good" hat, induction of his psychology to "good" standard English. Use "dad" and "Allah" contrast, further strengthened the "Allah" sympathy psychology.Three, well-meaning threat, by just making just
Many people know that use threat method can enhance compelling and from time to time can be put to use. This is with goodness that the threat of the other produce insecurity, achieve persuade the purpose of skills. In a collective activity, when everybody ploy sounds to pre-book hotel, but was told that night because mistakes in the work, the original order nice suite (have separate bathroom) that no hot water. In order to this matter, the leader made an appointment with the manager.
Manager: sorry, this late, please take you from home. But everybody sweaty, not bathe how line? How much more when we speak of hot water supply scheduled! It only please to solve.
Manager: I have no choice. Boiler man went home, he forgot to water, I already called they opened the collective bathroom, can you wash them.
Manager: yes, we can all take a shower bathroom to collective, but something to clear, suites, one 50 yuan a night is a private bathroom. Now to collective bathroom bath, it is reduced to tasseled shop level, we can only according to standards, one shop tasseled 15 yuan paid.
Manager: that not line, that not line!
Manager: that's only supply suite bathroom hot water.
Manager: I have no choice.
Manager: do you have any way!
Manager: you say have what way?
Manager: you have two ways: one is to put the boiler man brought back to negligence, 2 it is you can give each room carry two barrels of hot water. Of course I'll serve you advise everybody patience to wait. The confrontation is the result of manager sent back the boiler works, 40 minutes each suite bathroom have hot water.
Threats can enhance convincing, but, in specific application to note the following points:
First, the attitude to be friendly.
Second, clear consequences, explains the truth.
Third, the threatening degree not be excessively, otherwise the reverse is self-defeating.
Four, eliminate the guard, with emotion
Generally speaking, in you and to convince the object contest, each other can produce a preventive mental, especially in a crisis. By this time, want to make persuade success, you must pay attention to eliminate the other preventive mental. How to eliminate the preventive mental? From the subconscious speaking, prevent psychological is generated from a self-defensive, namely when people treat each other as simulated generation when a self-defensive psychology, then eliminate preventive mental the most effective method is to repeatedly cues, says he is friends than enemies. The implications can adopt various methods for: attentive, giving care, said to give help and so on.Christian Louboutin
There was a "DeJie" (taxi driver) put a male female youth: send to the place appointed, the other party took knife force her, bring out all his money was paying her pretended fear sample 300 yuan money say: "today had earned so little, too few put change also to you." Say that finish again took out $20 change with money. See "DeJie" such generous, criminals some become speechless. "DeJie" took the opportunity to say: "where is your house live? I send you to go home now. So late, family such worry." See "DeJie" is a woman again not resist, criminals and knife away, let "DeJie" sent him to the railway station. See atmosphere mollify, "DeJie" lose no time to inspire scoundrel: "my house was also very difficult, za2 and nothing technology, then with somebody else to learn to drive, work this line to earn money. Although not much, but life is good. How much more self-reared, poor little who else can laugh at me!" See scoundrel silent, "DeJie" continue to say: "alas, a man with his strong legs, dry some what all bad not, on the road for ruined." The railway station to see gangsters, want to get off, "DeJie" say again: "my money even help you, using it to do some work, later don't do such skeletons in." Hasn't been talk scoundrel listen to burst into tears, 300 multivariate money to "DeJie" hand a plug said: "elder sister, I will starve to death also not stem this thing." Say that finish, low head away. In this case, "DeJie" typically applied to eliminate preventive mental skills, finally reached persuade purpose.
Five, throwing them, by heart change heart
Standing in the other's shoes and problem analysis, can give others a for his own benefit feeling, this cast its good skills are strong persuasive. To do this, "the mutant" is very important, but the prophet Pilate, and then can from each other standpoint problem.Christian Louboutin Pumps
A precision machinery factory produces a new product, it will be some parts entrust small factory manufacture, when the small factory will parts of semi-finished products factory, and behold all displaying the discord requirements. Because of a looming, factory director had to make its again as soon as manufacturing, but small factory officials think he is completely according to the specifications of the manufacturing factory, don't want to go back and manufacturing, both sides lasted for a long time. Factory director saw this situation, in inquire reasoning, then for small factory director says: "I think it is entirely due to company poorly designed by, but also make you suffered, true sorry. Today is because you help, fortunately only let we found to have such shortcomings. Just now, it's always to be completed, you might as well will it make more perfect little for you that I both sides is good." The small factory director after hearing, gladly hear.
Six, sought unity, with the short fill long Christian Louboutin Boots
Accustomed to persuade people stubbornly refused to others, often in the "no" psychological state of organization, so naturally can present stiff expressions and posture. To deal with this kind of person, if start question, can never break him "no" psychology. So, you have to work hard to seek and other consistent place, let the other agree with your opinion, thus far from the topic of interest for your words and then ideas will your idea introducing topic and finally obtaining the consent of the other. There was a guy who stubbornly in love with a businessman's daughter, but the girl is consistent refusal to see him, because he is an eccentric ridiculous TuoZi.
This day, the young man found girl, courage to ask: "do you believe in marriage comes by destiny?" Girl staring at the ceiling answer 1: "believe." Then ask him, "do you believe? He answered, "I heard, each boy before birth, god will tell him, which is the future is going to marry a girl. When I was born, future bride had already rationing me. God also told me, my bride is a TuoZi. I was asked god supplications: 'god, a hunchback of the women will be a tragedy; put your bow-backed, again will give I left my bride beauty.'" then girl looked at guy's eyes, and was deep inside some memory disturbed. She twined her arms out to him, and he became a favorite wife.


The first snow

Girl called BaiJie, after graduation from the university, opened the shop. Six months ago, early spring night, she played Yang, want to go home quickly drink mother's a bowl of soup, but in the corner of the street saw huddled boy. The boy lying on the ground, constantly shake, begin BaiJie thought he had too much to drink wine, walked past. But, and a bit not rest assured, turned around, shouted two sound, there are several passers-by wai over. Boy speak incoherence, someone called the police, BaiJie with police took the boy to the hospital. Doctors say boys are a bad cold, and he is retarded.
Things get here, BaiJieBen can continue to lead her quiet life, but, I do not know how, she always not put those trust of look in the eyes. She turn to move, the boy suddenly call: elder sister, I want a drink.
From that day on, BaiJie took the boy, he said he called blessed treasure, BaiJie will call him blessed treasure. I and BaiJie spoke, blessing treasure kept turn to look at us, meet my eye, he will softly smile. My eyes some moist, BaiJie like me, a good sister. No, she would be better than mine, because, she faced no blood relations retarded children.
Looking for days, with quartered lines fill my eyes BaiJie "one meter sunshine" become my foothold. Into the shop, see f treasure, I'll be at ease. The day was cold, TianTian should wear sweaters, I would have bought orange sweater gave blessing treasure. F treasure dian was delighted to wear, blunt I smile. Then follow behind me ask little child's question. I say, he asked again a "then?" Suddenly, I think I talk to me is TianTian.
The first snow, I went to BaiJie there. A door, BaiJie from beside the stove stood up, red eyes, blessing treasure lying in bed, not like to see me, as times joy.
I asked BaiJie how, BaiJie concerning f treasure said: he caught a cold, but would not go extinct intravenous fluids! I this is figure? I tomorrow he sent him to an orphanage.
Blessing of treasure body a smoke a smoke, see is crying. I sat with him, to say with him: tell elder sister, why not injections?
F treasure said: sister have no money!
BaiJie said: money.is need not your tube, you little let me fuck snacks will do. Words say with me with quartered lines fill my eyes the same.
From my pocket and prepared 2000 yuan BaiJie, pass BaiJie anyway refused to answer. I said: it is not for you, but for my family, I TianTian on this blessing treasure, hoping someone will be there for blessing treasure like you and me on this TianTian good


Let her care is love

I work in Beijing, I with a girl, she had the house rent originally guizhou, parents are her a daughter. Landscape, a journey of a thousand miles down, plus holiday difficult to please, road endowment is expensive, she back once very not easy, general back once have interval two or three years time. Usually only call contact. Gradually, I found that she often on the phone request mother do something for myself.
"Mom, give me two pairs of cotton slippers! Want that kind of bright yellow, the more fresh the flannelette better, just like the chicken villi, that should use eleusine sole son xin-er..."
"Mom, you go home, his two inclined MingQian good tea for I want some really want to let's hometown of tea ah..."
Even to mother for her underwear: "vest in that white twill, the trousers don't do triangle, inner that just comfortable..."Christian Louboutin Sandals
"Call money you can buy many slippers underwear!" I smiled at her, "in Beijing? What can't buy more trouble. It's not filial mother."
"I this is filial piety?" Her facial expression very earnest, "my parents are retired two years ago. Dad will play chess, nothing when still can someone to play, mom was a labor life, but work is work, and even the people talk all effortless. Retire, I again not at nearby, she all day of vacant. Last time home listening to the neighbors said, she often land in the doorway sat, sit half-a-day." Her eyes are glistening things in flashing, "so I'll call her, but I found, after the telephone, she still empty. I think for a long time to come up with this approach, not way is to give her find something to do. You know what? Every time prepare asked her to what I do, I will racking my brains. Heavy afraid she labored, and more afraid of her nasty cast. Too little is too light again afraid she see me plot, your heart sad."Christian Louboutin
My heart feel very warm. This is love. I think. Originally, love also can so. Think again, love is really well. Dear people ate ravenously elaborate doing the dishes, wearing the clothes for their laundry and valet we relaxed neatly go out, lying on the scent comfortable bed asleep... This time, we were happy. As we work with everyone knows, for the beloved hard, be happy. But see they enjoy our work, we is full. If one day, we do anything for them, that must be a pain, at least, is also a kind of torture. Because, useful to them, is about we exist in the most valuable significance of. Christian Louboutin Pumps
Thus, the friend to the working life of mother, it may continue to let her for lovely daughter toiling down is appropriate. Whenever I imagine how she cheerfully for those bright yellow wool slippers busy and how in sunshine for the daughter of fresh tea, how to send home in white twill above ground conveying his delicate care and love, I will think about love topic is how rich ah. Let her idle, not necessarily love. Let her CARES, also can be love. Let her relaxed, she does not necessarily pleasing. Give her a burden, she might have peace of mind. I have to admit, love really need method. And every man of wisdom, to the word will have unique interpretation and creativity.


Feeling of happiness - the story of my husband

Young because of their environment is not satisfied, so the total would like to change about through marriage. So looking at the sky the moon, sings: the outside world is very exciting for the boy's quest is dismissive of the factory. In a season of blooming lilacs, a friend introduced me to a boy outside the unit, met a few times, do not get along with depth, but I feel pretty good. My husband and I are a factory, his girlfriend too poor, and he was 88, and He began I launched the offensive. Excellent character, her husband, literarily, I love it. But he limited capacity, short-term can not change my environment, I love and reason in the vortex of struggle. Husband is a man tenacious, unyielding, hard-bound death mill, a few rounds I would not defeated, surrendered to the husband, agreed to talk to him. When the boy refused to call the boy asks for a further interview time, to convince me. I hesitated, lost and finally triumph of mind over emotion. Carrying a curious coincidence met her husband went to the boy. That night, the boy next to me, but I felt he was away I was far away. We were together, is more embarrassing and awkward, it seems that not much "about the first." He, his world, his life, his all, I do not know. This strange feeling, I stand in the far, far away from his place! Why do I need to love such a stranger, ridiculous! Love, there should be a real sense, like the current, cathode and anode produced meet, but I had become the side insulators. I fell into a deep remorse, why should I come meet with him again: "day late, let's go." I ran away.Christian Louboutin That night, I see my needs, my feelings got the upper hand, I became emotional captives, then one thinks it. Since then, single-minded girlfriend did her husband. Whispering woods road against the couple, the marching Dramas sunset sunset lovers, the with our shadow. Because it is a plant, has long been recognized, on each other's character, ability and family are aware of them. After falling in love, but also because like reading, a common interest, so we have a feeling minds think alike, and soon I will fall in love. I took my beautiful dream, into the arms of her husband, became a happy little fish in his net. In preparation for the wedding day, her husband lost 20 pounds. Qionga! Worry ah! To save money, scholar husband, dress up their new house hands. The Oilers came to see his hair mom son foot poor, they go into battle, paste roof, oil dado, her husband moved to tears. Her husband to work seven years, their savings, and the legacy of their parents to buy the furniture, sofa, bed after running low. And I came from a rich,Christian Louboutin Flats go to work, at home do not want my money, I keep the coffers full, marriage, parents have a gift, which turned into color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, combined speaker, became my dowry. Very, very envious of her husband's friend: Yeah! Muzi home the door the wind, Muzi good fortune, there is such a good girl out ahead. Her husband also moved to say: the future must be good to me. In fact, people are going to give him, but regardless of why these worldly possessions? Married, just when the rise of video, the team, percussion and other wedding etiquette. Friends that I call camera photo is the good moment, to record that moment forever. Let your team, Fengfengguangguang to as a bride. Let your band, chattering away to marry a return. Can see that her husband's face was thinner, he politely refused a friend's kindness. I love my husband, ready to spend his life with him, how can the joy for the moment, inviting his troubles. We deafening sound of firecrackers, in a blessed sound of her husband as the Pig comrades, take me back, from behind a row of her family, back to the front of a row of houses. Since then the two remaining men on earth left fewer women, more than a pair of loving couple. When the wedding, there is a trace of disharmony. Parents, her husband died, married two sisters each made two quilts to be regarded as gift. The bed is all done one-person, four single bed, double bed on the shop in the middle of the dam will have more than a dozen centimeters. In the warm embrace of her husband, my heart faint in pain, this is a no man love ah. At that moment, my heart is soft up and felt his shoulder from the addition of a mother's responsibility. Marriage began a sweet honeymoon, Nanjing, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, his wife Wife left our presence. To save money, we walked west from the east, only to find the cheapest hotels. To save money, we measured the famous footsteps, city land. To save money, we eat the cheapest food. Because the heart, love to have him stay with me, they did not feel bitter, but that is sweet as honey. Does not want to travel back after the kitchen, want to eat my mother's rice, would like spicy food. Mother said: silly girl is pregnant now. That awoken, her husband was pleased to buy sour apricots, tomatoes, and I only want to eat spicy white pepper potato silk. My husband and I both comfort him comfort himself, girl Ye Hao, as long as we love the crystal, are good. Pregnant woman, love with fruit, is a nine-pound plump boy, a father of the husband glad I do not know what to do. Children hundred days later, my husband and I discuss their own cooking, my mom did not want to go home to eat bass. I let my husband choose: cooking or holding a child. Soft infant looked at the children, her husband chose to cook from her husband's office into the kitchen, cooking, Xiguo his patent, her husband cooked noodles from the only way to becoming a qualified chef. And I, his son grew up, still only do the laundry, clean house, counseling children, in addition to her husband's office cleaned once a week, my kitchen is closed. Ever since, her husband became known as a model husband, I became infamous slattern. In fact, I was not born lazy, a little under half spoiled parents before marriage, the more the pet is under her husband after marriage. Very hard to see when I cleaned the house, her husband and said: "People often say the old house must have a thick dust, there is only dust and earth, almost on the line, clean too clean, no dust was thick." Or say: "The poor are clean, poor clean, too clean on the poor, quick rest it." In such a banner, you say I can diligently this? When her husband also have a lot of trouble, when they find me lazy, call out his wildly like a shameless "This can not, I'll return, your home out of product failure." I told him: "how do you come back to me, how have back home." My husband does not suffer, said: "You're so fat and head as the old sow, who can move you back. To overcome the point, his back on the line." I also, and he shamelessly: "Who told you raised me so fat, and now the products have been severely deformed, to return, restitution and other products, talk about it." Mozhe husband only let me get lazy playing evil. Surrounded by friends, colleagues, incredibly envious, I have to ask Yu-fu technique. In fact, I think the special relationship between husband and wife simple, we should have the courage to be a good little woman, failing to do Mo Bad. To respect her husband, let her husband live in front of you self-confidence. No matter how he was outside the home is his safe haven, we must allow him in their own homes with dignity and status. We should always understand that he is your husband, the father of your child, your life depend, but also the love of your life. The second is to learn to praise, it does not mean that education for children up to the implementation of appreciated, in fact, a man in some ways, he is in front of you did not grow up a child. To say: "Thanks to you," "You did really delicious meal," "You are so good," and so on. Criticism of her husband's shortcomings, when in a good mood, her husband, to be tactful, do not your tone of voice lessons, men's self-esteem is very strong. Third, we must keep in mind if your lazy, then you do not want to do, do not force the other side to do it. To learn like a baby, for example, today you do not want to wash the dishes, you should be and her husband, said: My husband, I am not comfortable, we bowl to wash you, okay? And then dragged him off to wash pool, give him a line on the apron, sending a big kiss. Then you can go to sleep and watch TV. I believe he will give you washed the bowl is very clean. Gradually develop the habit, habits become natural to everything easier. If you feel you can make her husband by his infinite, I believe he will for his family hard working, dedicated. First married, we had a fight for some trivial matters, or even a fight. But I never leave home. I always know it is my home, my home for many years painstaking efforts. Parents raised me to say so much, my parents can only bring joy, not happy I will not return to her family. Cold War, a day or two, he coaxed me, we have, and better. Now we already do not fight, and occasionally fight, but not the Cold War. After their voices, I always take the initiative and her husband talk, and sometimes he was still angry, ignore me, I said: "is a long ignored, or short to ignore. Is now ignored, or not prepared after the rationale of the" . Then and heartless to pull him, pull him, and not to go kiss him. My husband and I have no alternative but to hold me, count reconciliation. Between husband and wife who really does not matter who is low-high, but there should be no hatred overnight. I am by nature active, playing, and what swimming, skating, dancing all points of the Great Wall is my strong suit. My husband does not like these, reading is his only hobby. I married my husband says: To change your own environment, he was not alone, so I have to work hard to persuade me not to waste time playing on. Her husband was suspected of their lower educational attainment is self-study. I listen to her husband's words, he enrolled in higher education with self-examination. First test, I Tingzhao eight months pregnant, but to score a lot of people have successfully won the University of headache language certificate. From enhanced self-confidence in her husband's encouragement and his wisdom and intelligence to play under the certificate of an endless stream of get it. In fact, when special bitter, we are a worker, tired during the day and work day, evening her husband went to night school, I see kids at home. No time to lectures, and only in the dead of night when the self-learning, learning often usher in the dawn. I use Ant Ken Gutou the spirit of the four and a half years to thirteen lessons Kenwan. How many times to back down, but they Yao Jinya survived. At that time the factory to encourage young self-taught, require each to get a homework certificate, after approval of the leadership award 30. A few years later, leaders also know that I am about to graduate, with her husband to the field leading the project want to work for the Ministry will consider the various adjust my white-collar workers from blue-collar. Hard work paid off ah! Big splash, my life has been a qualitative leap, I finally passed the effort to change their environment. And when her husband was at the bottom of his career, the field of project department for various reasons they can not work, so he was at home on standby. One to be eight months, doing nothing all day. I'm afraid of boring bad him, taught him the Great Wall. My husband is a block reading material, to play mahjong, and now is a dabbler, but after all there is a recreation of the. My husband likes rhetorical exercise, and often write chunks published in newspapers and magazines. Is the gold will eventually light, five years after marriage, her husband met horses, will he transferred to the office as the deputy director of the company, in fact, manager, secretary's secretary. Husband acquired skills, duck to water. Another two years, the company changed leadership, new leadership from the grassroots level to her husband do not understand, like her husband to the grassroots level when the transfer of Deputy secretary of the party committee of a party committee unanimously recommended that promoted use. Talk to the leadership and her husband, said: In accordance with the relevant provisions of cadre management, you should be dry enough for three years before promotion. But your work capacity has been everyone's approval, decided to exceptional promotion, go do it well! Her husband home in glory, has returned to our factory, became secretary of the adults, but they lost their personal freedom,Christian Louboutin every day in my wife both escorted around the house also. Eight years later, the factory economic decline, her husband was demoted. I try my best to comfort him, and doubly cherished. My husband inspired by my love, good attitude adjustment soon. Her husband's demotion I still do not care, I vote for him was the husband, he is just an ordinary commoner, but now is back to nature. Ye Hao, we are not young, has been fighting hard over the rest. To outsiders, my husband and there is a huge character contrast. An old saying: He that knows nothing, doubts nothing. You see, I followed her husband to college is to ink dyed red, and her husband learned to play mahjong with me, it is dyed black to Zhu. In fact, the world has always been colorful. As long as each other, complement each other, like the harmony of love can play the music! The passage of time, has long been wiped off the share of romantic hearts. My husband is no longer say: I love you. But he loved the rain moistening with my life, his love filled every corner of my life, and through in my life every day. Collection in it, cold winter night, her husband


Dream of you

Lowe was about to go out, got a call: "Lowe ah, I'm Lee Tai Yang. Well, I'll be right back." Lowe thought: and Li Tai Yang for so many years without contact, and he had just promoted, could there be ... ... the doorbell rang door opened, and inserted into an unkempt head, a black plastic bag, "tom" to on the floor. Lowe said: "It sets yang, ah, come in, please." The couch, Lowe Diyan to Li Tai Yang. Yang Li sets out one, collected in the nose and smell, said: "Rottweilers, you fared well ah." "I heard you were coming, specifically to the supermarket to buy." Rottweiler with a lighter to his cigarette. Hee hee Lee Tai Yang smile, put down the smoke, said: "So why spend money? I had quit, the thing costs money." Lowe said: "Then eat fruit bar." Lee Tai Yang also rude, grasping an apple, while Looking around the house eating side, said: "This house is enough for your style ah." Lowe said: "I was 'negative Weng' an, and now also has a monthly mortgage it." Li, Taiwan, Yang said: "You are white-collar husband and wife class, it was easy money, bonds are also fast. which, like us, eat, fed, do not get sick, the children go to school, on the up shop on the last. "Lowe thought, this looks like the opening to borrow money it. He said: "Yes ah, now, no one alive is not easy." Li, Taiwan, Yang said: "You really are in fortunate. I play small to know, you live in the future than I amount to anything." Lowe said : "Shucks, is mixed with food that eat." Yang Li, Taiwan, Stern said: "You say not right, people should be content, right?" She then jokes: "You can not make mistakes ah." Two people chatting about childhood thing, talking about childhood neighbor who is divorced, who had gone abroad, who is then a foul temper, a quick chat to noon, Yang Li, Taiwan, or did not say the purpose of him. Lowe said: "Tai Yang, outside the restaurant we went to eat, drink and chat." Li, Taiwan, Yang said: "This must not eat, and I promised my wife to go home to eat," still continue to have the topic. Lowe has been no mention to see him get down to business, and no means to go, expect to have a meeting the afternoon, and I am sorry to press, and my heart in it some uneasiness, thinking may be embarrassed to own Tai Yang Li, proposed, they say : "Tai Yang, you are still a street vendor it? than to find a regular job, what to do security, income is also stronger than that ah." Yang Li, Taiwan, said: "I do not like to do security, I thought I'd rent a facade This rush is better than being chased came strong. "Lowe said:" Urban Management Team of the people I'd know, you have any trouble in the future, I can help. "Yang Li, Taiwan, Lowe patted the shoulder and said:" Brother, have you these words, that I miss you not white. ten years, ah, you're still so warm heart. well, I am happy, so happy ah. "said as he stood up. Lowe said: "dined longer follow." "A wife at home waiting for me. Well, I went ah." Listening to Tai Yang Li, "Tong Tong" footsteps all the way down, Lowe looked down at the floor black bag, opened it, saw that it was his childhood favorite of roe dry. Lowe did not know a good spade, suddenly feel special custom. Stairs, came the "tom tom" footsteps,Christian Louboutin Pumps like Taiwan, Yang Li. Lowe would like: Maybe he did not have the courage to say to punch the bag, dried fish roe, Han asked whether he mentioned that he must find a way. Open the door, it really was Lee Tai Yang, embarrassing his face is shiny beads of sweat. He said shyly: "You This area like a maze, I always found going around the door." Lowe said, "Look at my carelessness, you should go with you downstairs." Then, he and Lee Tai Yang down the stairs. Went downstairs, Yang Li, Taiwan to open a bike lock, car and Li Yang Taiwan general ash does not slip fall Chentou dirt surface. Lowe asks: "You came here by bike?" He knows Tai Yang Li, living in the West, and since his bike here, at least an hour. Li, Taiwan, Yang said: "Yes ah, used to ride." Lowe said: "Tai Yang, have you got problems just opening, I can be sure to help you." Yang Li, Taiwan, said: "Nothing matters, wanted to see you. "Lowe said:" For years we have not contacted you today, something will come. You just say, do not open my mouth. "Yang Li, Taiwan, see Lowe, it seems made up his mind:" I say do not be angry. "See Lowe nodded, Li Tai Yang said:" I had a dream last night, dream of you very ill, and many people around you cry. This woke up, I was on the sixes and sevens, and even do not want to spread the put out. know you Hunde Hao, I do not want to disturb you. can it get on my sick dreams, even my wife is urging me to look at you and see you look so good, I feel relieved. Alas, the dream chant , my people really superstitious. "Rottweiler's eyes red, he hugged Lee Tai Yang, said:" brother. "Christian Louboutin Boots


Xiantuisizhao day can thin

T-envy in that both models were tight slender legs? Maybe God does not give you a pair of long legs, but the legs to the length of the standard is not, oh! In fact, as long as the calf and ankle thickness difference of about 15 cm, is the line beautiful legs! as body sculpting, not weight loss is now as popular, beautiful shaped legs make you more self-confidence is the source! daily load with each of the body weight of the legs, particularly the calf must also be subject to both the body and the ground of double strength, muscle is more developed inevitable. Readily available in order to have a pair of legs show, available spare no exercise, do the daily compulsory Oh! Walk + small gym 8:00 began a busy day and your day is morning, legs from the morning begin. Went to the station by car, pay attention to proper walking posture, that is, upright, walk, use the power of the waist, the back straight and narrow abdomen, tightening the buttocks, heel first landing, to maintain a certain speed. Grasp these essentials, you can use to walk beautify legs. On the bus, if seats, you can easily get some exercise. Leg was 90 degrees gracefully, heel fixed and toes up and down repeatedly swing, this action can exercise the calf muscles, so that more symmetrical leg lines. If you can not seat a small gym exercises: standing at attention, raise any foot, toward the inside of the cross, soft reduction, for 10 seconds, and back to the other leg, the center of attention focused on the body, if not easy to maintain a balance so, can hand on the pole.
Sedentary chair of the stovepipe method Christian Louboutin Boots
Class family for a long time sitting at your desk, the legs due to lack of exercise and fat easier. Can use the opportunity to sit some exercise and to eliminate the effects of fatigue and double stovepipe. 1, sitting in a chair, his hands leaning on a chair on either side, fixed to his body, lift one foot and straighten the knee rest 30 seconds. Then do the same for the other foot action. It must be noted: in both knees straight, non-diversion of the position of the knee. 2, sitting in a chair, chest, keeping his legs crossed, toes touch the ground position, press down hard legs above, the following legs hard up top, about 10 seconds after the legs are reversed for 10 seconds to do the same ,2-3 times can be. Do not need to hold your breath to do this action。
Home stovepipe Sports Christian Louboutin Pumps
Rest or watch television at home when the air can make use of legs to do a parade. 1, ballet dancers often do the action: a leg jumping forward 90 degrees, feet Bengzhi, then slowly move to the side of the body, each leg 20 times. Stovepipe can insist on doing this action, but also well-proportioned body. 2, beautify legs curve very effective actions: lying on the ground, put his hands on the side of the body, the legs straight and tight, interactive sports feet 20-30 feet, and then take a break, and then repeated twice.Christian Louboutin Sandals


Sentence enjoys popular support

1. Shakespeare said: no matter how good things are lost in the day. And then have forgotten the deep memory of the day. To love people, but also to flee the day. The sweetest dream has regained consciousness a day. The waiver will not stay. The treasure will never let go, can not be friends after breaking up, because the two sides hurt! Enemy can not do, because loving each had 2. Jimmy said: When you love me, I do not like you, when you love me, I love you, when you leave me, I fell in love with you, you go too fast, or I You can not keep up the pace, we miss the Noah's Ark, missed the Titanic, missed all the thrills and non-adventure, we will continue to be missed. I do not know where it comes from my loneliness, but I really feel lonely. You lonely, lonely world, everyone, but everyone is different it lonely. 3. Liu Xinwu said: Do not expect, sparrows fly very high. Height of the sky, it is the eagle territory. Sparrow straighten his place if it still will be very happy! 4. Yi Shu wrote: The biggest mistake committed by people daily, is too polite to strangers, but people are too harsh for intimacy, come to change this bad habit peacefully. 5. Guo said: I finally found his vision too simple Man, I never think about how the mask is a face below, I always come directly to the face masks as a treat, but forget the smiling face under the mask are often a face with tears .. 6. Liu Xinwu wrote: I'm sorry is a sincere, it does not matter is a kind of grace. If you paid a sincere, but not grace, it only shows the ignorance of each other and vulgar! 7. Han says: No matter how tired she sees on when they are hard to re-insurance hundred and fifty to two leather face when he is 8. Baby Anne said: When a woman looking at the sky, she did not want to find anything. She was just lonely. 9. Meet the ordinary, said: fate, like a book. Inadvertently turn the fairy tale read too seriously miss again tears. "10. Zhang Xiaoxian said: love, has always been a thousand things and turns back. Not have been abandoned, have not been hurt, how to understand love? 11. Yi Shu said: no matter how a person could be forgiven an excuse not always fall , and more no one loves, the more we love ourselves. 12. Liu Xinwu said: its favor, than to arm themselves; their escape from the reality of life than laughter; its hear the wind listen to the rain, it is better to attack head! 13. Zhang said: married to a red rose, over time, becomes a wall of red roses touch of mosquito blood, white roses, or "Moonlight"; married white roses, white rose is a grain of rice scum clothes, red or chest mole on a cinnabar. 14. San Mao said: A friend of good, a little more than two friends, three friends for a bit too much. aficionados, and to have a great, not too much, if it is not, also has its own, treat yourself, get along with ourselves, but also a friend of ... 15. snow Little Zen said: I think that one day, I would completely love to forget, forget you, but suddenly one day I heard an old song, my tears came down, because this song, we were heard. 16. Guo Ao, said: We always smile at practice, and finally become afraid to cry. 17. Sanmao said: Do not be afraid to refuse to others, for good reason if they. When a person is opening the request, his heart simply prepared two answers. So, give him the answer to any one of them, are expected in the . 18. Tsz color XQ says: man cry, because he really love ~ woman cry, because she really gave up ~. "19. Yuen Yi said: the ability to tell the wronged, can not be wronged; to take away the love, it is not love. 20. Zhang said: Love did not complex, but three words come and go, not I love you, I hate you, that is, come on, how are you, sorry. 21. Ma said: Think about thousands of road at night, wake in the morning to go the same route. 22. Raoxue Man said: The world has deceived me, I have to give fight back, I will not let go of any little bit of my own happiness, even if the price is falling from hell, and I die for it. 23. Guo Ao said: Everyone always hidden in a lifetime, mind, maybe this person will never know, though, this person can always be replaced by whom. And that person is like a never healing scars, no matter what time, as long as was mentioned, or gently touched, it will dull. 24. GARVEN said: words are said, the fart is the crew, and talk and fart like all in one breath it. 25. San Mao said: some people love, just a "mood at the time." If the person was wrong to love this feeling as long-term, is itself naive. 26. Zhang Xiaoxian said: If you can not forget him, do not forget the good. Really forget that it was not hard. 27. People of non-vegetation, said: Another ugly people can get married, then the United States who will be single! 28. Zhang said: Because loved, so compassionate; as to understand, so tolerant.Christian Louboutin Flats