Feeling of happiness - the story of my husband

Young because of their environment is not satisfied, so the total would like to change about through marriage. So looking at the sky the moon, sings: the outside world is very exciting for the boy's quest is dismissive of the factory. In a season of blooming lilacs, a friend introduced me to a boy outside the unit, met a few times, do not get along with depth, but I feel pretty good. My husband and I are a factory, his girlfriend too poor, and he was 88, and He began I launched the offensive. Excellent character, her husband, literarily, I love it. But he limited capacity, short-term can not change my environment, I love and reason in the vortex of struggle. Husband is a man tenacious, unyielding, hard-bound death mill, a few rounds I would not defeated, surrendered to the husband, agreed to talk to him. When the boy refused to call the boy asks for a further interview time, to convince me. I hesitated, lost and finally triumph of mind over emotion. Carrying a curious coincidence met her husband went to the boy. That night, the boy next to me, but I felt he was away I was far away. We were together, is more embarrassing and awkward, it seems that not much "about the first." He, his world, his life, his all, I do not know. This strange feeling, I stand in the far, far away from his place! Why do I need to love such a stranger, ridiculous! Love, there should be a real sense, like the current, cathode and anode produced meet, but I had become the side insulators. I fell into a deep remorse, why should I come meet with him again: "day late, let's go." I ran away.Christian Louboutin That night, I see my needs, my feelings got the upper hand, I became emotional captives, then one thinks it. Since then, single-minded girlfriend did her husband. Whispering woods road against the couple, the marching Dramas sunset sunset lovers, the with our shadow. Because it is a plant, has long been recognized, on each other's character, ability and family are aware of them. After falling in love, but also because like reading, a common interest, so we have a feeling minds think alike, and soon I will fall in love. I took my beautiful dream, into the arms of her husband, became a happy little fish in his net. In preparation for the wedding day, her husband lost 20 pounds. Qionga! Worry ah! To save money, scholar husband, dress up their new house hands. The Oilers came to see his hair mom son foot poor, they go into battle, paste roof, oil dado, her husband moved to tears. Her husband to work seven years, their savings, and the legacy of their parents to buy the furniture, sofa, bed after running low. And I came from a rich,Christian Louboutin Flats go to work, at home do not want my money, I keep the coffers full, marriage, parents have a gift, which turned into color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, combined speaker, became my dowry. Very, very envious of her husband's friend: Yeah! Muzi home the door the wind, Muzi good fortune, there is such a good girl out ahead. Her husband also moved to say: the future must be good to me. In fact, people are going to give him, but regardless of why these worldly possessions? Married, just when the rise of video, the team, percussion and other wedding etiquette. Friends that I call camera photo is the good moment, to record that moment forever. Let your team, Fengfengguangguang to as a bride. Let your band, chattering away to marry a return. Can see that her husband's face was thinner, he politely refused a friend's kindness. I love my husband, ready to spend his life with him, how can the joy for the moment, inviting his troubles. We deafening sound of firecrackers, in a blessed sound of her husband as the Pig comrades, take me back, from behind a row of her family, back to the front of a row of houses. Since then the two remaining men on earth left fewer women, more than a pair of loving couple. When the wedding, there is a trace of disharmony. Parents, her husband died, married two sisters each made two quilts to be regarded as gift. The bed is all done one-person, four single bed, double bed on the shop in the middle of the dam will have more than a dozen centimeters. In the warm embrace of her husband, my heart faint in pain, this is a no man love ah. At that moment, my heart is soft up and felt his shoulder from the addition of a mother's responsibility. Marriage began a sweet honeymoon, Nanjing, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, his wife Wife left our presence. To save money, we walked west from the east, only to find the cheapest hotels. To save money, we measured the famous footsteps, city land. To save money, we eat the cheapest food. Because the heart, love to have him stay with me, they did not feel bitter, but that is sweet as honey. Does not want to travel back after the kitchen, want to eat my mother's rice, would like spicy food. Mother said: silly girl is pregnant now. That awoken, her husband was pleased to buy sour apricots, tomatoes, and I only want to eat spicy white pepper potato silk. My husband and I both comfort him comfort himself, girl Ye Hao, as long as we love the crystal, are good. Pregnant woman, love with fruit, is a nine-pound plump boy, a father of the husband glad I do not know what to do. Children hundred days later, my husband and I discuss their own cooking, my mom did not want to go home to eat bass. I let my husband choose: cooking or holding a child. Soft infant looked at the children, her husband chose to cook from her husband's office into the kitchen, cooking, Xiguo his patent, her husband cooked noodles from the only way to becoming a qualified chef. And I, his son grew up, still only do the laundry, clean house, counseling children, in addition to her husband's office cleaned once a week, my kitchen is closed. Ever since, her husband became known as a model husband, I became infamous slattern. In fact, I was not born lazy, a little under half spoiled parents before marriage, the more the pet is under her husband after marriage. Very hard to see when I cleaned the house, her husband and said: "People often say the old house must have a thick dust, there is only dust and earth, almost on the line, clean too clean, no dust was thick." Or say: "The poor are clean, poor clean, too clean on the poor, quick rest it." In such a banner, you say I can diligently this? When her husband also have a lot of trouble, when they find me lazy, call out his wildly like a shameless "This can not, I'll return, your home out of product failure." I told him: "how do you come back to me, how have back home." My husband does not suffer, said: "You're so fat and head as the old sow, who can move you back. To overcome the point, his back on the line." I also, and he shamelessly: "Who told you raised me so fat, and now the products have been severely deformed, to return, restitution and other products, talk about it." Mozhe husband only let me get lazy playing evil. Surrounded by friends, colleagues, incredibly envious, I have to ask Yu-fu technique. In fact, I think the special relationship between husband and wife simple, we should have the courage to be a good little woman, failing to do Mo Bad. To respect her husband, let her husband live in front of you self-confidence. No matter how he was outside the home is his safe haven, we must allow him in their own homes with dignity and status. We should always understand that he is your husband, the father of your child, your life depend, but also the love of your life. The second is to learn to praise, it does not mean that education for children up to the implementation of appreciated, in fact, a man in some ways, he is in front of you did not grow up a child. To say: "Thanks to you," "You did really delicious meal," "You are so good," and so on. Criticism of her husband's shortcomings, when in a good mood, her husband, to be tactful, do not your tone of voice lessons, men's self-esteem is very strong. Third, we must keep in mind if your lazy, then you do not want to do, do not force the other side to do it. To learn like a baby, for example, today you do not want to wash the dishes, you should be and her husband, said: My husband, I am not comfortable, we bowl to wash you, okay? And then dragged him off to wash pool, give him a line on the apron, sending a big kiss. Then you can go to sleep and watch TV. I believe he will give you washed the bowl is very clean. Gradually develop the habit, habits become natural to everything easier. If you feel you can make her husband by his infinite, I believe he will for his family hard working, dedicated. First married, we had a fight for some trivial matters, or even a fight. But I never leave home. I always know it is my home, my home for many years painstaking efforts. Parents raised me to say so much, my parents can only bring joy, not happy I will not return to her family. Cold War, a day or two, he coaxed me, we have, and better. Now we already do not fight, and occasionally fight, but not the Cold War. After their voices, I always take the initiative and her husband talk, and sometimes he was still angry, ignore me, I said: "is a long ignored, or short to ignore. Is now ignored, or not prepared after the rationale of the" . Then and heartless to pull him, pull him, and not to go kiss him. My husband and I have no alternative but to hold me, count reconciliation. Between husband and wife who really does not matter who is low-high, but there should be no hatred overnight. I am by nature active, playing, and what swimming, skating, dancing all points of the Great Wall is my strong suit. My husband does not like these, reading is his only hobby. I married my husband says: To change your own environment, he was not alone, so I have to work hard to persuade me not to waste time playing on. Her husband was suspected of their lower educational attainment is self-study. I listen to her husband's words, he enrolled in higher education with self-examination. First test, I Tingzhao eight months pregnant, but to score a lot of people have successfully won the University of headache language certificate. From enhanced self-confidence in her husband's encouragement and his wisdom and intelligence to play under the certificate of an endless stream of get it. In fact, when special bitter, we are a worker, tired during the day and work day, evening her husband went to night school, I see kids at home. No time to lectures, and only in the dead of night when the self-learning, learning often usher in the dawn. I use Ant Ken Gutou the spirit of the four and a half years to thirteen lessons Kenwan. How many times to back down, but they Yao Jinya survived. At that time the factory to encourage young self-taught, require each to get a homework certificate, after approval of the leadership award 30. A few years later, leaders also know that I am about to graduate, with her husband to the field leading the project want to work for the Ministry will consider the various adjust my white-collar workers from blue-collar. Hard work paid off ah! Big splash, my life has been a qualitative leap, I finally passed the effort to change their environment. And when her husband was at the bottom of his career, the field of project department for various reasons they can not work, so he was at home on standby. One to be eight months, doing nothing all day. I'm afraid of boring bad him, taught him the Great Wall. My husband is a block reading material, to play mahjong, and now is a dabbler, but after all there is a recreation of the. My husband likes rhetorical exercise, and often write chunks published in newspapers and magazines. Is the gold will eventually light, five years after marriage, her husband met horses, will he transferred to the office as the deputy director of the company, in fact, manager, secretary's secretary. Husband acquired skills, duck to water. Another two years, the company changed leadership, new leadership from the grassroots level to her husband do not understand, like her husband to the grassroots level when the transfer of Deputy secretary of the party committee of a party committee unanimously recommended that promoted use. Talk to the leadership and her husband, said: In accordance with the relevant provisions of cadre management, you should be dry enough for three years before promotion. But your work capacity has been everyone's approval, decided to exceptional promotion, go do it well! Her husband home in glory, has returned to our factory, became secretary of the adults, but they lost their personal freedom,Christian Louboutin every day in my wife both escorted around the house also. Eight years later, the factory economic decline, her husband was demoted. I try my best to comfort him, and doubly cherished. My husband inspired by my love, good attitude adjustment soon. Her husband's demotion I still do not care, I vote for him was the husband, he is just an ordinary commoner, but now is back to nature. Ye Hao, we are not young, has been fighting hard over the rest. To outsiders, my husband and there is a huge character contrast. An old saying: He that knows nothing, doubts nothing. You see, I followed her husband to college is to ink dyed red, and her husband learned to play mahjong with me, it is dyed black to Zhu. In fact, the world has always been colorful. As long as each other, complement each other, like the harmony of love can play the music! The passage of time, has long been wiped off the share of romantic hearts. My husband is no longer say: I love you. But he loved the rain moistening with my life, his love filled every corner of my life, and through in my life every day. Collection in it, cold winter night, her husband