Convince others to six different kinds of good method

In the life needs to persuade the object has a lot of, he may be your parents, your boss, your customers, your friends, you apply for administering the... Sometimes, some measures on you and commits a crime, you should be preserved, skillfully use persuade skills, so that he put down "kill", avoids causing serious consequences. In life, always may meet to convince others situation, if not to master the techniques and persuade it will be difficult to achieve ideal result, this paper summarized the following six persuade skills for reference.
A, regulate atmosphere, example
In persuading, you should talk to adjust the atmosphere. If your displeasure with questions of way replace command, give a person with maintenance self-esteem and honor the opportunity, the atmosphere is friendly and harmony, persuade may be easier to success; Conversely, in persuading not respect for others and pulled out a vice thrusting manner, then persuasion is mostly to fail. After all, people are self-esteem, even 3-year-old children also have their self-esteem, who did not hope oneself by others easily convince and under the control.
A high school teacher took over a bad job, just in time to catch BanBan director arrange all class students attend school playground labor. Flat Students of this class hiding in the shade who also refused to work, how is the teacher said has no effect. Afterwards the teacher thought of a example of way, he asked the students: "I know that you are not afraid of work, but were very afraid of hot?" Students who don't want to say and lazy, and Angela said, is because the weather was too hot. The teacher said: "since it is, we will wait the sun sets working again, now we can explicitly playing a play." Students listen will be happy. The teacher to make atmosphere more heated some, also bought dozens of ice cream let everybody good. In laughing play, students accepted the teacher's persuasion, ranging from the sun began to happily the Labour.
Second, strive for sympathy, with strong weak grams
Desire compassion is the person's nature, if you want to convince the more powerful opponent, might as well use this for sympathy skills, and the weak grams is strong, to achieve purpose.
Have a 15 year old girl, unfortunate abducted mountains to Shanghai. That evening, it was a light rain, little girl's door opened, and a middle-aged Shanghai "Allah" came in. The girl came to my mouth heartbeat. However, she still quickly sedation, thoughtfully called sound: "uncle!" Middle-aged "Allah" one leng, the portrait was magic settle there.Little girl carefully say: "I see uncle is a good man, look at your age, and my dad about, but my dad than you bitter much, he earned in the country last year, when he ZaiYang hot heatstroke..." Spoke, his tears hua hua to flow. "Allah" face reddened, short of silence, low to said 1: "thank you, little girl." Then open the door away.Face strong "Allah", why to let oneself appear more weak, to inspire his compassion? Smart girl is doing.1 "uncle", suddenly opened two age distance, let "Allah" cannot think of yourself that same in adolescent children. Sympathize with of seed germination start on his mind. Then little girl and lose no time to give he wore "good" hat, induction of his psychology to "good" standard English. Use "dad" and "Allah" contrast, further strengthened the "Allah" sympathy psychology.Three, well-meaning threat, by just making just
Many people know that use threat method can enhance compelling and from time to time can be put to use. This is with goodness that the threat of the other produce insecurity, achieve persuade the purpose of skills. In a collective activity, when everybody ploy sounds to pre-book hotel, but was told that night because mistakes in the work, the original order nice suite (have separate bathroom) that no hot water. In order to this matter, the leader made an appointment with the manager.
Manager: sorry, this late, please take you from home. But everybody sweaty, not bathe how line? How much more when we speak of hot water supply scheduled! It only please to solve.
Manager: I have no choice. Boiler man went home, he forgot to water, I already called they opened the collective bathroom, can you wash them.
Manager: yes, we can all take a shower bathroom to collective, but something to clear, suites, one 50 yuan a night is a private bathroom. Now to collective bathroom bath, it is reduced to tasseled shop level, we can only according to standards, one shop tasseled 15 yuan paid.
Manager: that not line, that not line!
Manager: that's only supply suite bathroom hot water.
Manager: I have no choice.
Manager: do you have any way!
Manager: you say have what way?
Manager: you have two ways: one is to put the boiler man brought back to negligence, 2 it is you can give each room carry two barrels of hot water. Of course I'll serve you advise everybody patience to wait. The confrontation is the result of manager sent back the boiler works, 40 minutes each suite bathroom have hot water.
Threats can enhance convincing, but, in specific application to note the following points:
First, the attitude to be friendly.
Second, clear consequences, explains the truth.
Third, the threatening degree not be excessively, otherwise the reverse is self-defeating.
Four, eliminate the guard, with emotion
Generally speaking, in you and to convince the object contest, each other can produce a preventive mental, especially in a crisis. By this time, want to make persuade success, you must pay attention to eliminate the other preventive mental. How to eliminate the preventive mental? From the subconscious speaking, prevent psychological is generated from a self-defensive, namely when people treat each other as simulated generation when a self-defensive psychology, then eliminate preventive mental the most effective method is to repeatedly cues, says he is friends than enemies. The implications can adopt various methods for: attentive, giving care, said to give help and so on.Christian Louboutin
There was a "DeJie" (taxi driver) put a male female youth: send to the place appointed, the other party took knife force her, bring out all his money was paying her pretended fear sample 300 yuan money say: "today had earned so little, too few put change also to you." Say that finish again took out $20 change with money. See "DeJie" such generous, criminals some become speechless. "DeJie" took the opportunity to say: "where is your house live? I send you to go home now. So late, family such worry." See "DeJie" is a woman again not resist, criminals and knife away, let "DeJie" sent him to the railway station. See atmosphere mollify, "DeJie" lose no time to inspire scoundrel: "my house was also very difficult, za2 and nothing technology, then with somebody else to learn to drive, work this line to earn money. Although not much, but life is good. How much more self-reared, poor little who else can laugh at me!" See scoundrel silent, "DeJie" continue to say: "alas, a man with his strong legs, dry some what all bad not, on the road for ruined." The railway station to see gangsters, want to get off, "DeJie" say again: "my money even help you, using it to do some work, later don't do such skeletons in." Hasn't been talk scoundrel listen to burst into tears, 300 multivariate money to "DeJie" hand a plug said: "elder sister, I will starve to death also not stem this thing." Say that finish, low head away. In this case, "DeJie" typically applied to eliminate preventive mental skills, finally reached persuade purpose.
Five, throwing them, by heart change heart
Standing in the other's shoes and problem analysis, can give others a for his own benefit feeling, this cast its good skills are strong persuasive. To do this, "the mutant" is very important, but the prophet Pilate, and then can from each other standpoint problem.Christian Louboutin Pumps
A precision machinery factory produces a new product, it will be some parts entrust small factory manufacture, when the small factory will parts of semi-finished products factory, and behold all displaying the discord requirements. Because of a looming, factory director had to make its again as soon as manufacturing, but small factory officials think he is completely according to the specifications of the manufacturing factory, don't want to go back and manufacturing, both sides lasted for a long time. Factory director saw this situation, in inquire reasoning, then for small factory director says: "I think it is entirely due to company poorly designed by, but also make you suffered, true sorry. Today is because you help, fortunately only let we found to have such shortcomings. Just now, it's always to be completed, you might as well will it make more perfect little for you that I both sides is good." The small factory director after hearing, gladly hear.
Six, sought unity, with the short fill long Christian Louboutin Boots
Accustomed to persuade people stubbornly refused to others, often in the "no" psychological state of organization, so naturally can present stiff expressions and posture. To deal with this kind of person, if start question, can never break him "no" psychology. So, you have to work hard to seek and other consistent place, let the other agree with your opinion, thus far from the topic of interest for your words and then ideas will your idea introducing topic and finally obtaining the consent of the other. There was a guy who stubbornly in love with a businessman's daughter, but the girl is consistent refusal to see him, because he is an eccentric ridiculous TuoZi.
This day, the young man found girl, courage to ask: "do you believe in marriage comes by destiny?" Girl staring at the ceiling answer 1: "believe." Then ask him, "do you believe? He answered, "I heard, each boy before birth, god will tell him, which is the future is going to marry a girl. When I was born, future bride had already rationing me. God also told me, my bride is a TuoZi. I was asked god supplications: 'god, a hunchback of the women will be a tragedy; put your bow-backed, again will give I left my bride beauty.'" then girl looked at guy's eyes, and was deep inside some memory disturbed. She twined her arms out to him, and he became a favorite wife.