How to behave - how to be a person

How to behave? How to be a person? Do a what kind of person? This is an art, but also an art. Many people spend their lives not understood.

Usually, we often hear "conduct oneself difficult, difficult of" being regrets, often also can feel "oneself first, after doing things" comprehend. Visible, behave and not a small problem, but the big problem, is everyone's life course.

People come to life, outside notting have two things: one is person, one is doing something. Person is not certain laws and standards, but it has certain general rules, must have it skills and the rule. Here can only say small truth, big tip.

First, make a ambitious people

MAO zedong said that "two hundred years, life will be hitting water self-confidence three away"
Napoleon was also once said "don't want to be a general soldiers, isn't a good soldier"
These words is tell us, be an upright person should have the belief that should have confidence. Faith is lead us to success of navigation lamp, confidence is reached the peak of life force. Beautiful future from self-improvement, independent, self-confident, don't reach the goal not to give up, seem to castle peak not to relax, dozen across his often not others but yourself, don't leave time defeat as is life's final. Escape a craven, avoid is negative, the refund appears more incompetent. The road to success must depend on oneself, be an upright person have rushed confusion, do have trouble, there is no problem-free, only strong undeniable confidence and persistence. Man made the world, oneself clappers, not afraid failure, don't give up.
Success, we should not poured drunkly, loss, don't discouraged, don't YuanTian sick people, facing "water replies" the toll-gate, courage and perseverance, only with the confidence to overcome all difficulties. Want to build a career, will do great things, LAN tickler certainties, and made a resolution, tree a target, life will have their direction of walking. Heart there, road is there. Have ambition, just have the person skill, vision and courage. So, be an upright person need to ask your ambition in there, want to ask you have confidence.

Two, make a good man

"At the beginning of life, goodness". Kindness is human nature glory in the most warm, the most beautiful, let a person touched a wisp of. Life doesn't everybody's success, not everyone can be a hero, but must the goodness. Kindness is harmonious and beautiful road, filled with compassion and kindness, can move, warm the world. Without goodness, is impossible to have your peace of mind, is impossible to have the world's peace and goodwill. Love is the basic goodness emotion, meets the beggars, we'll meet him some money, alms help.from trivial deeds such, pregnant women, we have actively let, meet the lost child, we'll send him for his home, to give directions. A smile, a simple gesture, a heartfelt greeting to us, it is not difficult to achieve, but might therefore help others out of trouble. All, everything is connected, in giving, you is really benefit themselves, when hurting another life, substantial was hurt yourself. So-called docile, nothing but is having a big deop love, compassion, do not harm them, saying nothing, and not cheating. There's a good character, there will be love, love others and love parents natural foundation and may. A kind man, just like a lamp, both lit up the people around, also warms, good without implant and force, only can mutual infection and spread. So, be an upright person doesn't have to be the tallest, magnificent and victorious, but must docile sincerity. So, be an upright person must ask you want to goodness.Third, make a gentleman

China is a very exquisite cultivate one's morality raises a gender, advocating morality of ethnic groups. Five thousand years, no matter how the changes, diligence and thrift, loyalty, self-effacing, filial piety is permanent ancient fromgeneration to virtue, how many ancient sages is regarded as a family heirloom. Small business success in rely on good luck, success by ability, big business success is entirely on character, see ethics. The successful person, usually is virtue noble man. So-called upbringing, which should know depth, Ming honour low, understand height, weight, should be speak general rules and keep moral. Educated people, often do not with art and virtue, often do not to win and with Taoism, often do not to right and politeness. Educated people in their solitude, beyond nature, will guard his heart, in dealing with people is considerate of others and loyally.i couse calmly, mind your own mouth. Fangyuan personhood, yuantong work, halcyon send far, self-reflection, then everything at ease, well. So, is a person have to ask yourself whether you upbringing.

Four, do a optimistic person

People in the world, not for bitterness and come, so not all day every day unpleasant, sorrow, sorrow, distress, frustrated, and such a life without fun, there is no absolute happiness of person, only not happy heart, the world is like a mirror, you laugh, it also to you laugh, You cry, it also to you cry, You calmly, it will return you a calm, You browbeating, it you a HengMeiLengDui. Music listening to praise and don't like others to criticism, heart desire fame and wealth, do not want to lose them, the mood will only like chains as prisoners herself. Only transcend them, just can experience comfortable and happy. Has a sincere and happy of heart, see is a world that is worth feeling joyous, in the heart is full of sorrow, see is just a world full of sorrow, instead of can't get to, rather, still smarting from you already have meet gratitude. Happiness is not the only seek, heart to heart found within your heart, if meet happy, even if the body in prison, the same can softly goes free. Save kind, nice, glad heart filling, cheerful face yingxiu, optimistic upward, so you can stand in a monument, out of the beautiful scenery. Life is short, with everything bow pull crossbow, than to learn "quiet it a vision". So, be an upright person to ask yourself optimistic or not.
Fifth, make a tolerant person

All rivers run into sea, rely on is tolerant of heart. The person to work, the mind is not too narrow. CheYouSuoDuan, CunYouSuoChang, there is no garden without its weeds, appreciating the advantage of others, forgiving insufficiency, by lovers of heart, yu-jong people and the measure of. For your enemies and anger, burn only is yourself. Bear with evil sword is not one breath, cheung, bear the vernal equinox elation, others envied framed, such life only dim light, road go narrower more. The human is good and evil joy, this is bad, cold heat, RongChong, want to relax belly, accept, road will more walk more wide. Tolerance is not cowardice and shrinking depressive, however a kind of humiliation courage shown courage, is can know reality, to dare to bear, understand dissolve financing. For others, it for myself, tolerance is not indulge pave, xiao zhi Daniel, "magny cours, consider is someone else's self-esteem and tolerance. Be kind to others, be equal to is to yourself, no matter how life is influenced by the damage, need not incensed, conscience, a grudge, learn to forget, forgetting to his best protection, learn to grateful, for life gives you the opportunity to hone their heart is filled with sunshine, life, full of bright natural. So, the person wants to ask yourself magnanimous tolerance or not.

Six, do a down-to-earth person Christian Louboutin Boots

Widespread.i personhood, verily, verily, handle affairs, plunged his hands in his pockets, always couldn't climb the ladder of success. More efforts, and more chance of success, that.as, don't light declamatory body, don't HaoYiELao, frequently character overhead, heaven not much endeavor, conscientious, big enterprise to success. Never win rarely fail, never climb of rarely fell, want to know the taste of success, we must dares to rush, to dare to do less absent, but constantly, line, runoff and do not break, inevitable dulness timing. Things don't want to do, inevitable event could do, NianQingPaChong, wide-eyed to work, it is difficult to achieve. First sweep one house, to sweep the world, from the self, starts from now, starts from the minor matter, starts from bit detail section starts. Do speak the truth, honest, dry LaoShiShi, it is long and fundamental. So, be an upright person, must ask yourself whether really.Seven, make a wise man

Knowledge is not equal to have wisdom, and knowledge have no more, if stored without wisdom applications, knowledge is lost value. Knowledge is static, people have the intellectual, still should know how to correctly knowledge and application in practice, not wisdom, at best, but is a recorded a knowledge of the book. Wisdom is head of intelligence, it is a kind of insight and judgement. Have the courage to change the things I can, have mind to accept unchangeable things, and a wise but can distinguish when can change, when cannot change, know when "for", when "no". Know what you are doing, knowing what kind of things, love to do know what things done what can, this is wisdom. Only direction, without wisdom, direction itself is of no significance. Wisdom sometimes is a kind of balance and compromise, with moderation refused to extreme, with reason analysis situation, with pragmatic exert influence, with a cool control choices, with a good attitude, consciously with learning accumulate experience, with courage abandon burden, this is wisdom revealed. Do not pay enough attention to the weak, light, to help, The subordinate, light fair enough, be good, To forgive others turnovers, light is not enough, I want to forget, For your own future, light dreams enough, to action. Empty makes jun, learning ability and wisdom, NingZhiSheng born heart, wisdom gossip makes a. Each person is worthy of respect and place of study, compassionate people teach you the way of compassion, barbaric people professor forbearance path. If a person lacks wisdom, they are not willing to flow sweat, then talk about HeChengGong, so, the person wants to see you have wisdom.

Eight, be an upright person

The person wants to integrity, do things to have decent, open, GongGongZhengZheng, is the base of this, the same base. People are not afraid shadow slanting, foot is not afraid shoes slanting, body is heart AnHun dream steadily. Decency, talent have bottom spirit and do things do will YingQi, heart selfless heaven and earth, from inside out wide wide gaining acclamations. Gaining acclamations magnanimous, open and aboveboard, will win the trust and respect others. F is frame-up, why are people? The upright MouSi not levites, not given, not whitewash, don't steal hekun play, not flatter and not eg:, not even excommunication, equal to them, play fair. Speak a root according to, call a spade a spade, has 2 say 2, saying that he said and done, saying is the truth, they do business. Just corruptive, worthless, hypocritical, with deceit, make fun of wrist, in the face of a set of, be after a set, said the gentleman said, below the stage personnel, how do small talk holds justice, justice. So, be an upright person must walk straight, do right and do end, be sure to ask yourself whether integrity, reasonable.

Nine, do a careful person

Wisdom is to big, is wary of the terrible small, a thoughtful, more than 100 times hasty action, dike collapse from YiXue, subtle but carelessly. Zhou benchi's poems, but for yishen do base. Caution is "not confused" basis. A cautious attitude, is inevitably clear-headed, inevitable in the presence is a muddle. Living life have recruit evil words, have bring shame behavior, to building a solid career, of course, be extra cautious. Low-key person, modesty and consider and remembrance of work, often it. Foresight prior, can close no threat. In prosperity, triumphantly, being buoyed repulse, complain and are whiny and must be difficult into the atmosphere. "Often walk along the river bank, is not wet shoes" seeing is your capability and concentration, head of time, also should learn to look at the days. Contemplation vision, ezer mental, modest and prudent, then things easily into. Caution or away from danger, and ensure the safety of cures, the careful than by reckless, only can win more cautious, can be a shoo-in, therefore, is a person must ask you caution or not.
More than nine, is not perfect. Irren, perfect, flawless, how have no regrets, "how can a matter, all-around to have all of this, from the ancient as have not. But there were only unexpected things, no couldn't do. Who am I? How do I how to behave? What can I do? How do I do it? I want to go? In the boundless life journey, we must always ask yourself, telling myself, to oneself light up a lamp lights, honed their heart, like this can the people well, doing well. Don't you think?