For many boys, it LiuXiaoYue is a thorny roses.
She did quite unruly, black eyes outside have lap beautiful amber to make her look like a little beast - a quick, pride, wild little beast. Newborn matriculation conference, she came through attracts countless envy and jealousy vision. This girl, is with the most powerful paint painting was, the old teacher secretly sighing, although clever, but in the wrong place.
B: yes, that would be wise LiuXiaoYue grades always fluctuates. She wears 4 pockets of military green trousers, braved wild hair wobbler through the campus, later she was found hiding in the toilet smoke a mint smell of cigarettes.
LiuXiaoYue isn't a good girl. This is the most key high school teachers and students under the conclusion.
The midday sun, LiuXiaoYue ChouJian own shadow carefully long in the cement floor drift, she realized that I was lonely. From the beginning, 12 years old parents divorced LiuXiaoYue see father just the name on the money, she felt he want to do a distinctive children, it is just kept doing it down.


When LiuXiaoYue see lee express, she is willing to become a good girl.
Bright blue sky, white clouds are transparent, downy light play in lee express the face, he as high as handsome. His arm muscles strong, long to convex, exuding the youth tan. LiuXiaoYue think if is that two long arm embrace, there must be intoxicate warmth. The arm, "the love and support.
First LiuXiaoYue feel or the gentle good temper girl. Borrow a flashlight light, she every word in pink form-all of mind, write no other, just willing to become his bosom bird, a drink a peck of all rely on his love and care. LiuXiaoYue stealthily shed tears.
She put on the blue sky the same color skirt, with transparent hairpin, put the letter solemnly put a mailbox. Wait for days, LiuXiaoYue cleverly quiet, eyes constantly glowed downy light, even the most staid teacher also surprised her beauty.
Three days later, LiuXiaoYue saw their faith in the campus bulletin board. It is laughed at around eyes, and she saw clearly in your heart that one soft flowers, want when jinman cuttlefish malicious juice, a leaf becomes distorted pitch-black, then tear falls, issued catch the despair.
Evening, LiuXiaoYue can't return to dormitory. She would on campus lake edges wander. She thought he was dying, the world is so beautiful, but would not give her a smile was close. But she as young, LiuXiaoYue bury my head in arms and began to weep.
"LiuXiaoYue." Suddenly a voice surprised to call her, is ZhouFan. That was a very ordinary boy, and lee express very schemes, heard that they were their grew up together the buddy.
"Why are you here? So late. I send you back."
"Don't you tube!" LiuXiaoYue restively continue to bury my head in her arms around and silence, after a long time, she thought ZhouFan have already walked, raise head, he still around.
"Don't go!" LiuXiaoYue irascible cried, and quickly wipe your face, she wouldn't he saw the tears.
"I fear you would jump river." ZhouFan slowly said.
LiuXiaoYue pretended to despise ground from nose at uttered a Chi, then took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, gave ZhouFan a root. Saw him a face awkward shape, LiuXiaoYue cannotted help but laugh. Until dawn, she prank wondrously watching this don't smoke honest child feet is a heap of same, in the heart of the cigarette detest hatred unexpectedly little as night cigarette into the ember. After all, someone accompany her, her black mood opened a little gap, let sunshine come in.
ZhouFan leave, LiuXiaoYue and sit alone for a while and put in his pocket knife thrown into the lake. Knife surface across a pocket, tore her hand. She sucks up, there are salty, suddenly feel stupid odor. She killed lee express and suicide is stupid, no one will remember her, so she wants strong to live.
The small stature of ZhouFan, she can remember.


Ten days later, LiuXiaoYue transfer, for she and her mother speaking, it is after all scandal, she wants to learn to forget. Can she but in autumn day noon received lee express letter.
He said in the letter that, LiuXiaoYue, I was wrong. When you leave, I just Ming self is like you. I like your body light mint smoke, I like you're wearing blue jeans that straight quite unruly figure, I also like you dance. LiuXiaoYue, because you and other girls are not the same, so I can't to love, I'm afraid your letter for me is a hoax. Therefore, I, I was wrong.
The sun from the cloud, as in LiuXiaoYue through between the between hair. Is so light that thin sunshine, like a soft silk, clean, no ripple. LiuXiaoYue full of creases heart, suddenly was gently heal. Sufficient for half a year, she has been held to her tears, but at the moment pour down. Then her heart becomes bright.
17 zero 35 days, LiuXiaoYue get rebirth.
Then they began to maintenance seems to communication. Lee express the letter said, LiuXiaoYue, I hope you admitted to fudan. We met in fudan, it's so funny. LiuXiaoYue in mind paused, her life began to appear a bright line, like the snowline sunshine, sharp cool and refreshing. This is her ideal of 12 years old, she thought has lost, but not in li express person pen again from the dead. She was solemnly wrote: ok.
They agreed to meet, temporary not, until the day entering university.
LiuXiaoYue almost break the contract. That winter, she went into the city and purposely get to school. At dusk, students were out, her heart ecstasy, strong hope see that tall handsome figure. LiuXiaoYue hiding in a remote corner, there is light snow falls, wet her hair, gradually, ears also becomes cold. When her hands were numb, also didn't see lee express. Night has thick, LiuXiaoYue disappointed to want to go away, but saw a thin figure, is ZhouFan.
"LiuXiaoYue, what are you doing here?" The darkness of night, LiuXiaoYuefour

LiuXiaoYue into the fudan, lee express no.
She would give lee express letter. But he disappeared, never found. LiuXiaoYue almost confirmed him because inferiority disappear. He is so proud of a man, his life is not permitted frustrations now. But in her heart, he is like a feather white bright angel, holding her hand, led her fly in the life, reaching a heavy self-cultural foothold open world.
LiuXiaoYue put those letter in the most secretive precious place, along with her girlhood.


To see lee express, was in high school graduation after six months. Like many stereotypical tales say, just as they meet in the subway. Tiny white light, LiuXiaoYue like a lightsome lily, intellectual, and comely, decorous, lee express can't believe this is the crest wild hair dressed in 4 pockets fat pants girl.
He NeNe to speak, in this had been his heavy hurt girl before, only ashamed. But LiuXiaoYue like don't remember what happened, her smile that downy MingRun. He told her always regret, for that matter in Singapore 3 years, he was regret. He is a kind man, but did something callous. He more mature, the more I think this is done too much, he had always wanted to write to LiuXiaoYue apologize, but don't know where is she changed.
"What? You never wrote me?"
"Yes." He said, "you transfer after I went to Singapore, in domestic letters are ZhouFan put me. But, I have never received your letter. You write to me?" His warm smile and a little naughty.
LiuXiaoYue shook his head, also smiled: "you think? I was all hate you."
They get so close, she saw his bright eyes glowed moving light, as if however is another man's shadow. Originally, believe in him, is not ZhouFan. Lee express This ordinary boy in their way, encourage her. Melancholy tide gave her heart beat soft piece, her eyes unconsciously shed tears.
"How?" Lee express panic ground to ask.
"Nothing." LiuXiaoYue out of the subway, looking at the big sun, flashing heart filled with deeply touched.


LiuXiaoYue across the window watching ZhouFan, he is still in this middle school answer read. Lee express told her ZhouFan last the university entrance exam volunteer didn't fill in, so failed.
ZhouFan didn't see LiuXiaoYue, perhaps to also do not want to see. LiuXiaoYue so across glazing watched, she seems to smell the fragrance of steaming, as the year of noodle.
Two weeks later, ZhouFan received a letter from a Shanghai's letters, only one word: we met in fudan, you say!
At that time LiuXiaoYue was sitting in the early spring lake, side float mild scent...