Father mountain, all companions

Father is a mute, it has always been my heart a dull ache.

My home is in a remote town, the father of the town corner cigarettes a a baked wheat cake booth money feed a family. Listen to a person to say, my hometown is not here, is the parents later moved here. Every arrive when festivals, my father always a person back to grandma and grandpa sent the dead, then afternoon again come back with us to eat meal. Sometimes I make and to go, but he won't let you are female, niang said dolls, go to a what? This leads me to the father was dissatisfied.

Added with other children play together, they always reject me to say: "your father is a mute, we don't play with you!" Only this sentence, I hate a father, blame him a mute, and even wackier mother shouldn't give I found a mute father. Mother heard my ass words, immediately ruthlessly slapped me in the face, father saw, block the past, YiBaBa hug me into the bosom, I don't appreciate, but he rushes, oneself ran away. Then the father stood there and ha ha to giggle.

Seven years old day, I take bag followed his father walked into town on the best a school, listen to father chloromide chloromide gesturing by and teacher "speak" words, my face be ashamed desperately, especially when I came into the classroom, some classmates say of me: "look! She is the daughter of" dumb, I more want to find a crack in the earth into. After returning from school, I heel father agreed: later prohibit him again into our school half step, otherwise I would have turned to him. Father thought for a minute, or silently nodded.

Due to the father of reason, I the schoolmates middle always lift head, they play with me, I also lazy interact with them, in solitude, I tasted the bitterness of egoism, but also is such environment gave too much of my thinking space and learning time. In order to make their own inner then little valuable self-esteem no longer hurt, I desperately learning, good success brings me a lot to comfort, whenever I hear others take me as an example to education of their children, my heart will be transitory uncontrollable joy, while it also became a father only to show off the capital, looking at his face smile,

My heart is very excited, dad! If you can speak this!

Along with the growth of the age, I gradually realized the father of the hardships of life, every day not bright, he had climbed up with noodles, such as surface after fermentation, pack good thing, and the mother took her pancake JiaZiChe came before the start of each day pot, busy, in order to get the business, he always smiles on a visitor to his nut.she, sometimes called met rude, have a meal not give money even suffer supercilious look outside, father and insult. I'm a dummy daughter, have bear such a big pressure, father inner pain can be imagined, whenever thought of here, I can for own past thoughts and practice and ashamed, several times, I want to run to kneel before to his father and beg him forgiveness, stubborn, but I have no courage to do so, before my father, and I still is the deputy disdain dignation. Her mother looked at, always yelled at my rudeness, and father doesn't mind, he still humble smile.

18 years old, I excellent grades went county, receiving admission notice key public senior high school is the day, the father happy face blossomed, and he put the day's pancake all free sent the guests.
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Left: father, I long out one breath, I finally from that makes me sad place. But then, I also worried that the city of the homecoming know father is a mute, look at me one face was very sad and his father seems to guess this, he didn't wait me to talk, in face before school again use gestures to I reiterated that childish agreement. So, every Sunday, my father and I came to the city on the biggest store door, he gave the money to me, then step three back ground to walk back and looked at his reluctant to go to this, I no longer control the tears flowing down without ceasing.

After the winter break, I was back to the town, the father is still in his pancake kiosk busy, though behind him without a guest. See me off, father happily rub the rub hands face, then tidy up thing, pull the JiaZiChe at home. Just entered the house, I didn't know his mother was ill, she bought a circle, is painful in bed groaned, but saw me, she is still barely sat up, she wanted to laugh, mouth haven't open, but "wow" sound burst into tears. For a moment I don't panic, guess what happened at home, he asked his mother what went wrong. Mother looked at the father, father is stuffy head ruthlessly smoking a cigarette, at this moment, I just found out that my father is still severe than mothers thin, lo, he face cheekbones high, eye WoZi black deep, and all these, in the last father to give me money, but I have not found, thought of here, I couldn't help remorse up.
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In my repeatedly pressed by parents didn't tell me exactly what he just said gesturing mother was ailment, do not matter, then is to me a good peace of mind reading, the home of things don't like me worry, that these, I more uneasy. That night, I came return side, weren't able to fall asleep.

The next day, the father up infancy, he took JiaZiChe prepared on the street, I wear good clothes, walk over to help him, he say what all don't allow me to go home for his mother, I have not. After breakfast, my mother said to me: "fine son, go into the streets for your father help, I'm sick, you again to school, he one bitter!" Saying these things, the mother is a face of tears.
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Just go out, I met neighbor lee aunt, just meet, she is a pull my hand and said, "the girl! There's sentence, I shouldn't have to tell you, you can see your dad thin become so! I can't!" Then, she told me, he in my school, shortly after the mother would has been ill, to the hospital a check, liver, late! Father was a listen to, meng, he immediately chloromide chloromide land kneeling on the ground request doctors save mother life, good doctor this wants to tell him, mother can live a year at most, or leave some money to buy some delicious of patients, hospitalized right things, here is equal to take money to throw the puddle. Father doesn't believe, that day, at the hospital his frantic, saw doctor kowtow, can head all ke is out of the blood, the hospital